The TED talks are everywhere, but there’s a handful of forward thinking individuals that TED censored from the platform over the past year. Perhaps their presentations were not ‘Ideas Worth Sharing’, although that’s not what the majority of the Internet thought. The suppression quickly back fired prompting large numbers of people to sign petitions demanding the rights to view the content, forcing TED to re-upload some of the talks but only to Youtube.

Below we present to you a list of the 3 banned TED talks they tried to censor, an important question to hold in mind is; are TED really trying to defend science or are they trying to defend the ones who use science as a political tool?



Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion



Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness



Nick Hanauer – Rich people don’t create jobs


Your Opinion

What's your thoughts on these censored TED talks?

Are there any other TED talks you’ve come across that have been suppressed? What’s your thoughts on the ideas expressed above?

  • Lex

    On “Rich People Do Not Create jobs” – in the modern technology economy, more often than not, the case is that supplying or creating a product creates the demand for that product. Nobody needed an iPad before it was released. Apple created a ton of jobs to make it happen and the demand followed.

    In this case, the “rich”, as he calls the group that lead the innovation, have indeed created the jobs and injected the money BACK in to the economy in order to create the demand for their product. This is actually an old school way of thinking about the flow of money in the economy, which is coming back in to relevance in recent decades.

    Just playing devil’s advocate to stir up debate 🙂

    • Roger Larson

      technically… if there’s no demand for that Ipad then Apple will have failed in creating jobs…. all jobs derive from consumer interest, participation and investment…

      • Joe

        apple created slave jobs in china, jobs put his money in trust fund to reduce tax

        • nice reply joe

          slave jobs? that’s an oxymorlon buddy. jobs are already created from indebtment <— yes I just created that. Jobs are what society created so people would stop simply living and be forced into a dependent state, creating capital for the wealthy.

          in agrarianism no one needs a job. everyone is fed, there is plenty of food. there is no need for cash or gold or these illusions you've been taught to love.

          taxes are bs, and you pay yours cause you a bitch.

          thanks bye.

      • dak

        those are fancy words for value and need. apple provides value, and satisfies a need, if you improve something, demand comes regardless.

    • Miguelinileugim

      Seriously, money will flow back into the economy regardless of who has it, the difference is that poor/middle-class people will flow back by spending that money in things they need while rich people will either invest it getting more money to spend (no problem here) or spend it in things they don’t really need because they’re the 1% and their “needs” are insanely expensive and don’t matter compared with the needs of the 99%.

      (if you want to reply here’s my e-mail

  • Pete

    It is very true what Nick said. If I can get away from hiring someone then I will …

  • zOUlu


    they have never been “censored”, here is the discussion/explanation:

    So – What’s your thoughts on sketchy clickbait headlines? …

    • Hi Zoulu, thanks for the comment. If you havn’t already check out both sides of the story.
      Here’s Hancock’s post:

      Ted have since placed a disclaimer over Graham Hancock’s most recent TedX Reading talk and placed a note in the description saying the speech is counterfactual despite being wholly based on evidence from leading scientific journals. See that here:

      For a organisation that’s tagline is “Ideas worth spreading” it’s quite clear they do not deem these ideas worthy, and are subsequently suppressing their reach. This was also posted before the videos were even re-uploaded to their website (still banned from YouTube). I wouldn’t label this as a clickbait article – I despise poor content wrapped in clickbait headlines. We aim for the opposite, high quality content with relevant titles.

      Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions for information presentation across the site or media you’d like to see explored, I welcome your feedback 🙂


      • zOUlu

        Hi Sam, I see your point, guess we can call that censoring.

        Btw, I like Hancock’s talk, flight to South America is booked, don’t tell my Mam 😉

  • catherine

    in my humble opinion:
    Science delusion… but I wonder what % of scientist actually believe the world is without consciousness? I’m not sure where this individual gets his facts and maybe that’s why it was pulled, just saying!
    War on consciousness … I could barely get through first 5 minutes… he was babblings incoherently, could the ban be of this nature, his talk wasn’t focused enough to keep anyone interested in what he was saying, just saying!
    Rich people don’t create jobs…. OMG is he for real… there isn’t anything else to say… yup wise decision on pulling this Teds talk…. just saying!
    Thank you Teds Talk for pulling these painfully hard to listen talks…

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