Positive words from Joe Rogan on how we can all work to be the best person we can be. How we should use rational thinking, treat our bodies right and take care of our minds in order to fulfil our potential. His sincerity really shines through here,  I love the way he stresses the fact that we already know most of the points he raises and that we all get sidetracked in our daily lives which society presents us. Take a look at the video yourself and be the best you can be today!

What can you do to improve?

Do you agree with Joe Rogan's points?
  • Sonya Shannon

    First worlds in the post speaking of positivity and leading your best life are misleading. 1 min in I turned it off. Not worth my time. Did he actually just see all roads that lead to religion are pointless and “crazy biT@!es in Africa?? Very closed minded indeed and full of none sense. Moving on!

    • James O Sullivan

      His point of view is that you do not NEED any religion or any other thing to live. All you need to do is free yourself from these perceptions which have been delivered to you by people of the past. By saying that, he does not state that these things do not bring happiness and hope to many people but instead that they are ultimately and universally not NEEDED by humans to live a happy, loving and prosperous life. People love and enjoy religion no doubt about it but imagine a world where there was never any evil, never any control over individuals. It could be argued that the need of ‘hope’ for a better place and a need for religion would be nullified. I believe intrinsically that we are all animals at our core. When civilisations began, humans stopped being natural animals and became dependent on others with the hope of more reliable necessities. When these dependencies were not addressed successfully then the animal instincts of survival came into play and “evil” was introduced. This evil was simply less fortunate animals just trying to survive at the expense of more fortunate ones. Then this continued into today’s world with the addition of SO MANY linguistic opinions about the past and about what the real “truth” is. The reality of the situation from my perspective is that I am capable of exploring all the information of the universe that is available to me today and sum it into my understanding. My foundation agreement is that I am not and do not need to be in a place to know everything about the universe. I think that if I was to try and know everything then I am essentially “corrupted”. Anyway, just as Joe pointed out, we need to just release from this dark momentum of the past and we need to start from here with a new conscious perspective of the universe. We need not worry about religion, we need not worry about hope, we need not worry about anything. All we need to do is love ourselves and love the universe. Just remember what I said earlier that we are animals so survival is built into our genes. We must now recondition ourselves from the behaviour that evolved in the past to a new behaviour which is based on what we can now perceive in the universe using all this wonderful technology and information that is available to us.

      Anyway, I hope my words made sense and I hope I can make a change, just like Joe is trying. We all have to try together and try hard. We need to remove the notion that our governments are capable of doing what is right. It is illogical and naive to think that a world of people can be controlled safely and fairly by a small number of higher powers. We all need to awaken to a more positive outlook and fight the evil of the past! We all need to educate ourselves to reality and the natural beautiful evolution of humans and all other nature around us can flourish. Easier said and done but not impossible 🙂

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  • Alexis Langston

    He is right, there is so much worry about everything and dependency. Simply learning to unbrainwash ourselves and hold non-judgments is a pathway to just being happy. Rid yourself of the constant feeling of emptiness. Don’t just fill that void from outside influences but from within yourself.