Ever wondered what time the smartest people went to bed or how much they tend to drink? Well if you need a bit of motivation working towards your goals then look no further, here are some interesting shared habits of some of the smartest people. For example, according to research complied by Online-PHD-Programs.org, while those with high IQs tend to set goals and read avidly, they are also more likely to drink more heavily and suffer from anxiety.

For more on the habits of smart people, including a look at the IQs of icons such as Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, check out the infographic below.


If you’re looking to improve your success at home, school, or work, you can start by working the positive habits of smart people into your daily routine. Remember, while extreme intelligence has some negative associations, exhibiting these traits won’t make you smarter!


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What are your good and bad habits?

What keeps you motivated or drags you down when trying to complete tasks? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: http://www.online-phd-programs.org/smart-people/


  • ksnagra

    First of all, awesome website! This has motivated me to start writing on my own blog http://lifeisperception.com.

    Second of all, I definitely agree with getting good sleep, exercising and eating well. These are the things that motivate me. I must admit I probably should read a lot more to improve my reading and writing skills. Surely reading blogs like this help right?

    • Glad to hear it helped motivate you @ksnagra:disqus! I agree and that is what we aim for here. We want to help give people the push they need in life to move towards goals and passions, helping them become the best possible version of themselves in the process. We are on a journey ourselves, so it is great to hear from others taking similar paths and their feedback, that keeps us motivated!

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  • David

    I must be the smartest person on the planet based upon my age and fact that I’m a virgin. Lol! Abstinence! Who’s with me?