This video will make you think about what you are doing with your life and how your spending your time. Don’t put your life off till tomorrow, act now. Is this the life you dreamed of or are you just living day to day on autopilot? These are questions we should be asking ourselves constantly. With wise words from the likes of Steve Jobs, Terrence McKenna, Alan Watts, Graham Hancock, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, Will Smith & more. If you think you’re wasting time, do something now, don’t let any more ‘tomorrows’ build up. Get up, act now & live your life as a hero.


Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

  • Cody McKibben

    Hi Owen, thank you SO much for sharing my work of passion here! As the original creator of this video, would you mind linking it back to my copy of the YouTube vid? (originally was taken down and someone was nice enough to re-up it, but would like to try to keep the views as much in one place as possible, thanks) youtube.com/watch?v=-_WjDSX5HaY

    • livelearnevolve

      Hi Cody! Sure, no problem. We had yours up originally before it got taken down, then we replaced with this. I will switch it to your link now!


      • Cody McKibben

        sweet, many thanks mate! where are you these days Owen? I’m visiting London for a while myself…

        • No problems, I am back in the UK. I live about an hour away from London, how long are you there for?

    • Hey Cody, check your facebook inbox too (might be in ‘other’), I did drop you a message a few days after your first edit of this was released. Would be good to chat

  • Anonymous

    The foul language massively takes away from the message. Excessive use of the “F” word is a sure sign of immaturity.

    • Cody McKibben

      These words are a big part of our language, and adults use them quite often. Intelligent, mature adults often use them. There is no correlation between IQ or immaturity and “taboo” language use. There are some reports of correlation between taboo language and more trustworthiness though.

      From TIME Magazine:

      “Bourgeois people” typically swear the least, Mohr says. “This goes back to the Victorian era idea that you get control over your language and your deportment, which indicates that you are a proper, good person and this is a sign of your morality and awareness of social rules,” she explains. The upper classes, she says, have been shown to swear more, however: while “social strivers” mind their tongues, aristocrats have a secure position in society, so they can say whatever they want — and may even make a show of doing so.

    • LDL

      Deciding that certain words are taboo, is a sure sign of lack of intellect 😉 Be open. Don’t limit yourself.

  • Heinz

    would’ve loved to share this with some younger folks but I can’t because of all the FCKING swearing. but thanks anyhow- great message

    • someone

      I’m sure they have heard it all before. Unless they really are sheltered from the world.

    • Cody McKibben

      Some adults are determined to deliberately mislead youngsters about the full breadth of our language, because they would prefer that children seem innocent than have a full understanding of the language and the world around them. Who taught you that swearing dilutes or undermines the meaningfulness of a message? You can teach your children, or other youths, differently if you want. If you believe, and teach, and reinforce that the “F” word doesn’t have that negative power, or that it is not really such a negative thing, then you take it’s power away.

  • Eren Alt

    I’m really glad that I came across this motivational video. Profanity or not, the message is still positive and concise. The quotes are very well put together and along with the imagery, I found myself visualizing exactly what I want to do to be fulfilled. Thank you for sharing.


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