Happiness… What makes you happy? Hanging out with friends? Eating your favorite foods? Earning Money?

Psychologists have scientifically proven that gratitude is actually one of the greatest contributing factors on personal happiness. So next time you have the opportunity to help someone or express your gratitude, don’t hesitate to do so, you will feel better for it!

What makes you happy? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Alexis Langston

    Well, thank video had me in TEARS! But I feel relieved, because it’s true. Feeling grateful has lifted my spirits 100% and just loving and having joyous times with other humans is what makes me happy.

  • Kate French

    We as human beings forget how it feels to be grateful. To be grateful of life’s simple gifts is often forgotten because of the way we perceive happiness. What does being happy mean these days? Often times it means having a nice car, fancy shoes or the latest smart phone. Thirty years ago happy meant having a roof over your head and a family to go home to. It meant doing things that bring you pleasure with the people you love. The underlying factor is that human priority has changed. Instead of choosing to be happy with personal efforts we have chosen to make ourselves happy with tangible items. Materialism now represent the self worth of whoever decides to purchase the latest fad. We have all been there – when you really wanted something just to say you have it. Did you feel any different after? More important? Probably not – but why? Because materialistic items don’t have feelings and they don’t care about your well being. Know that the feeling of happiness associated with that purchase is an illusion because when it comes down to it that ‘feeling’ is temporary. I always tell my parents I wish I grew up when they did because it was more genuine. People lived and loved with all their heart and never took life for granted like my generation does. They did what they want and nothing else mattered as long as they were being true to themselves. Being true to yourself brings happiness and being happy makes you realize how much you appreciate the gift of life. Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself I don’t go out and buy a new item for my closet. Instead, I take a step back and look at the big picture and then I forget why I was feeling that way in the first place. Always be grateful for what you have.

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