10 Documentaries that Will Totally Shift Your Perspectives

Sometimes a single documentary can completely flip your worldview. Here’s a list of common beliefs that are arguably a hindrance to human progression with an informative documentary that explores the opposing side of the story. Also look out for our list of the 40 most enlightening spiritual movies and the mind blowing documentaries every should watch at least once.

1. If you Believe Psychedelics are Dangerous and of no Medicinal use.

Is it a coincidence that those who explore psychedelics often share a worldview that involves active participation in supporting the search for more sustainable living, harmonious collaboration and the search for happiness on a more introspective level? Neurons to Nirvana explores honestly the irrational fears which led the US government to effectively block virtually all scientific research of this subject for forty years through interviews with the world’s foremost researchers, psychologists, writers and pioneers in psychotherapy.

Full documentary on Netflix in most countries.

2. If you Believe Pharmaceutical Companies are Doing their best to find a cure for Cancer.

“I would like to dispel the myth that the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of health and healing. Because, in fact, what the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of doing is disease maintenance and symptoms management. They are not in the business to cure cancer, to cure Alzheimer, to cure heart disease because if they were, they would be in the business of putting themselves out of business.” – Gwen Olsen – Former Pharmaceutical Industry Rep that wrote Confessions of a Drug Pusher.

3. If you think you are Separate from the Planet and the Universe as a whole.

PLANETARY is a visually stunning documentary that expands on the mind-blowing perspective shared and explained by astronauts and indigenous elders in this film — that each and every one of us is inseparable from each other. A realisation both humbling and comforting, PLANETARY is meant to inspire awe and wonder by placing our individual stories in the context of the larger planetary / cosmic story.


4. If you Believe we’re Utilising Earth’s Resources Sustainably.

We live in a time where our use of the world’s resources is far beyond a sustainable limit. Eventually, the major powers will be forced to compromise over the use of the last remaining fossil fuels. Will that be a graceful agreement or become messy and chaotic, likely to prompt world war. The fact that people still trample each other to death on black Friday for a Walmart bargain suggests the latter. Home explores the impact the human race is having on the planet, alongside some of the most beautiful cinematography I have ever seen. The entire film is shot with aerial footage that blends seamlessly with the narrative; it is truly a masterpiece.


5. If you think Cannabis is more Harmful than Alcohol Abuse.

That is all well and good, but it ’causes schizophrenia’ – nope it seems we can dispel that myth too, it is more complicated than the media plastered it to be. Harvard studies cite that they are not linked to causality and science daily explains that actually, genes that increase the risk of developing schizophrenia also increase the likelihood of using cannabis.

Many people die from alcohol abuse, nobody has ever died from cannabis use in history. Alcohol is neurotoxic and damages the brain, growing numbers of studies show marijuana instead has neuroprotective properties.
Alcohol use is linked to cancer, and marijuana use is being used to treat it. The list goes on and this documentary The Union is by far the most informative production on the subject. If you have any other resources that accurately debate the safety of cannabis, besides your personal experiences of course, please link them to us below.

“We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologise for my own role in that. I apologise because I didn’t look hard enough, until now I didn’t look far enough. I didn’t review papers from smaller labs in other countries doing some remarkable research, and I was too dismissive of the loud chorus of legitimate patients whose symptoms improved on cannabis.” – Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent

6. If you Believe our Current Approach to Capitalism is Sustainable.

A documentary from Michael Rupert, a former LA police officer turned independent reporter that outlines the inevitable collapse of economic systems if they remain rigid in its flawed structure. He presents the facts and lets viewers form their own judgments. Please let us know your experience in the comments below.

7. If you Believe Governments Would Never Suppress the Freedom of Education and Knowledge.

An Incredibly heartfelt documentary on Aaron Swartz. The internet genius and Reddit co-founder who committed suicide in 2013 at age 26 when faced with decades in prison for releasing educational documents to the world for free, simultaneously uncovering incredibly sinister motives behind the suppression of knowledge that fundamentally lead to the widespread belief that his death was no accident.


8. If you Believe a Resource Based Economy is not a Viable Option for the Future.

“The entire money structure & materialistic society is a false society. Our society will go down in history as the lowest development in man. We have the brains, the know-how, the technology and the feasibility to build an entirely new civilization.”  — Jacque Fresco

This documentary supports the exploration of a new socio-economic system created by Jacque Fresco. It features the life-long work of Social Engineering, Futurism, Inventing and Industrial Design, which led to the idea of a Resource-Based Economy. This certainly opens up new perspectives but what do you think about its viability?

9. If you Think Tax Havens aren’t Being Abused.

International tax experts outline the hidden secrets of the financial world, operating in the shadows where sizeable capital streams travel the world at the speed of light and avoid paying tax. Surprisingly, the concentration of wealth is much worse than stated in the film explaining 10 million people are at the top 1%, but in 2012 three mathematicians from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology when researching the corporate connections around the world, came to the conclusion that a mere few hundred individuals control 80% of the world’s output and assets, only 737 in fact.

10. If you Believe you are your Thoughts.

The first instalment in a series of films exploring Samadhi, an ancient Sanskrit word which points toward the mystical or transcendent union that is at the root of all spirituality and self-inquiry.

Samadhi is thought of as a state of being which cannot be defined within the confines of human language. It is a state of intense concentration which one can arrive at due to a dedicated meditation practice. Samadhi, with the subtitle “Maya, the Illusion of the Self” is about the false self we create and the illusory nature of the avatar which is created starting from the moment we are named.

If you have any thought-provoking films and documentaries that have changed your perspectives that you’d add to this list, please comment below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. BUMMER!! the first video, on cancer cure suppression, is unavailable in my country (usa). what’s the name of it so i can search elsewhere. many thanks, by the way. look forward to watching each of these. harris

    1. @harrismorrison:disqus, no problem, try searching ‘Cancer: The Forbidden Cures’ on YouTube, that’s the one. What country are you in? We could change the link if it’s that restrictive…thanks for reading

      1. in the us. again, thanks. e xcited to see the aaron schwarz one finally available

        1. AHA that’s ridiculous, can you chuck me a link for the forbidden cures link that works for you and I’ll switch them over for US readers!

          The Swartz documentary is heartbreaking but incredibly inspiring at the same time, let me know your thoughts once you’ve seen it

          1. will try the first, and def do the second. by the way, yall’s site looks fabulous and im so excited to have discovered it. much to explore.

          2. thank you for the link, it works so I will change that shortly.

            I’m sorry to hear that Harris, there are certainly many sites with professionals that are exploring and documenting alternative methods such as cannabis oil. One heart felt story I stumbled upon can be read here: http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/ed-crushing-stage-four-liver-cancer-with-cannabis-oil/

            There’s also another more recent documentary on the subject here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv8yxuv6e1w

            I wish you all the best with your endeavours and it goes without saying but strongly advise you seek professional medical advice and research well before making any decisions. If you search ‘cannabis clinics’ there seem to be alot cropping up, maybe they offer consultations too!

          3. EXCELLENT!! we are on RSO, but didnt know the sequel had been released. learning all sorts of goodness today. thanks yall!!

    1. Wow, five minutes in and this already makes our race look entirely psychopathic. I will make some time to watch this in full over the next week so thank you for the link @Whispering_Eye_of_the_Tiger:disqus

      It does feel like part of the blame for this self destructive behaviour can be pointed towards religion, most of which depict man as separate to the planet, creates the illusion of other, promotes rapture for those who have chosen ‘rightly’ and condemns those who do not to eternal damnation. Justifying internally the death and destruction others suffer and creating a promised land for those who do not question the religion (think garden of eden and the suffering caused by curiosity). Then they depict man as a divine dominating creation, as opposed to an animal that’s evolved as part of a natural process. Maybe there lies the disconnection from nature that allows mass ignorance to these topics to thrive…

      What if we instead stood, for what we’re standing on.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Religion is a big part of it, but but the memes driving civilization are even older. It goes back to the agricultural revolution, probably even before.
        If you want to call nature ‘the gods’, then mankind lives in the hands of the gods for 2 million years, and the Earth didn’t experience the rapid rate of change is it experiencing now.

        I call it the city virus. You could have religion and no cities and the Earth would likely not be experiencing mass extinction. This is not to say that I have much use for organized religion, but the scope of exploratory vision should reach beyond that.

  2. Just watched #7 The Internet’s Own Boy…yesterday. What a remarkable human being/doing! I recommend this one for anyone who uses a computer/internet.

  3. So many greed driven people and corporations in our lifetime. What will it take for us as a race to change?

    More folks like Aaron Schwarz I guess. A true people’s hero.

    Love Live Learn Evolve. Keep it up.

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  5. I’m more concerned about large multi-national corporations controlling our lives than I am about the government. I used to work for the government and, let me tell you, they are not that smart. Corporations are evil.

  6. To add to #1 watch

    Burzynski Movie – Cancer Is Serious Business. The first few minutes is heart-wrenching, the remaining will make your stomach drop and head spin at the FDA

  7. Just watched “Internet Own’s Boy”, even I heard somewhere years ago that Reddit founder committed suicide, till now I had no idea what leads him to this act and how huge influence he had on how today’s internet looks like. Great story, brilliant young men, shame it had to end up with such tragedy, wonder what he could achieve to “make a world a better place”, if only Law would work the way it should and was design for. RIP Aaron.
    The link in article doesn’t work as i live in UK, but i found same film under this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpvcc9C8SbM

    1. @karolina Legend! Thanks for the link I’ve just switched that over. Internet’s Own Boy really hit me hard. Such an inspiration for us to continue with LLE. Thanks for your input 😀

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