10 Things Happy People Don’t Care For

In my own personal journey of trying to be a better person, I realised that it was all about aiming to be happy. Nothing more, nothing less. When you’re happy, you’re effectively better in every aspect of your life.

The second realisation is that happiness comes from shedding the unnecessary in life, as in you need to stop caring about certain things.

The third realisation? A lot of these unnecessary things are painfully obvious. More often than not, it’s plain common sense.

Here’s 10 things happy people don’t care for.

1. AGE

Indeed, age is just a number. And happy people know this for sure.

They don’t let this ever-increasing number define who they are and what they do.  They just do whatever it is they want!

Life is short. Before you know it, age catches up. You might as well make full use of life before your body actually reflects your age. (Read Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, Dying by Ram Dass.)


This is one of the biggest blocks to our happiness.

Happy people don’t care for that. They recognise that the words of others are never accurate and should never judge them for who they are and what they’re capable of.

Instead, they block it out. They don’t allow such false illusions to get in the way of what it is they want to do or how they feel. Only what they think of themselves matter.


That’s not to say happy people are unemployed.

The key idea is: You’re not your job.

Sure, a job is important for stability and survival in today’s society. But other than that, your job scope and status at work should be left at the office. If you don’t, it’s going to seep into your everyday life and you’d end up feeling tired, bored or stressed out.

What matters more is your talent, passion and outlook on life. Allowing your job to take over any of that would only mean you’re allowing a label to define who you are.


Fear is not real. Happy people know that.

With that, they know that the nervousness and anxiety that supposedly comes with fear are not real. They block it out, get out of their comfort zone, feel a little crazy and just do what they want anyway.

There’s just no point holding back in life just because you feel a little scared.


There’s a lot of disturbing stuff going on out there. War, protests, riots, animals going extinct or innocent people having bad things happen to them.

Happy people don’t deny any of these, but they do a good job in making sure it doesn’t affect how they feel.

The happiest people I know simply focus on trying to make the world a better place, one small step at a time. They may not be able to create a revolution overnight, but they know that by showing a little kindness and compassion to our fellow man, the world is that much more positive already.

Don’t let the negative in life get to you. It’s not your fault others have made it this way.


“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Brilliant quote.

Ever had to deal with an annoying friend or somebody who’s just really self-destructive?

Dump them. It’s time to create a positive environment for yourself.

Happy people gain happiness from the people they are with and not just from within. This is an amazing life hack that most people overlook. If you’re feeling unhappy, take a look around. Sometimes it’s the people that are just dragging you down.


The past does not exist, neither does the future.

If you want to be happy, you’ve got to let go of the past and move on with life. Learn from it and grow from it, then make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

As for the future, happy people pretty much let go of expectations.

When you let go of the past and future, then you can truly enjoy the present. (Read Power of Now)


Start doing things for the sake of doing things. Help others for the sake of being compassionate. The true reward is knowing that you’ve added positivity in others.

Happy people let go of always wanting something in return. That’s how they never get disappointed.


Complaining is the result of an unhappy life. Sometimes things don’t go your way. You can’t escape that.

But complaining is useless. Happy people know that. They’re instead, grateful for what they have and then they try to find the solution with a positive mindset.


Just like age, there’re a lot of labels out there that try to define who we are. Expectations are always thrown at us and it can be pretty overwhelming at times.

Happy people don’t care for any of that. They take time their time. They look within and do what they want in life.

This is how happiness is created: Not doing things you don’t care for.

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  1. #3 wrong. Poor starving people with a broke down car that they can’t afford to fix, and are wondering how they will pay the rent, are not happy. People who are meeting their financial needs doing work that does not interest them are not happy. Happy people have figured out how to make a living doing whatever it is that they love. They are their work, and their work is them. Think Bruce Lee. That is the exact opposite of what is said here.

  2. So if I don’t care for clothes, I should walk around naked everywhere and amass thousands of dollars in fines from law enforcement assholes who are “just doing their jobs?” I’d be happier, but I’d also face discrimination. The problem with much of today’s society is it doesn’t believe in “live and let live.” It’s filled with people who publicly cry out against anyone who thinks and acts differently from themselves. Let’s face it, Americans are assholes, on the whole.

  3. I need to leave a comment to your website. On the 9th of May 2014 my life changed forever when my daughter showed up at my place of work and said “Mum, Dad has had a stroke!” Forget your airy fairy meanings to happiness. I sat with my husband of 35 years in ICU, because I LOVED HIM! And one year later he is home, learning to walk and talk again. We both lost our jobs and are living off welfare. But we both paid in all our working lives too, and never claimed until this suddenly landed on us.. Happiness is accepting yourself, accepting all around you, and love the one you are with. Take that from an old person who has to wipe her husbands ass every time I get him to the toilet.

  4. st paul said…live everyday like its your last. let nothing trouble you cause it will all finish soon. also said…be around good people and away from bad. but also said, do good to bad people.

  5. the only true way to be happy is to do what you feel like doing, period. i have a nice family, who care about me and try their best to make me happy, but i still tend to isolate myself from them, and generally from society. i like being a loner, and i doubt that will change. people have hurt me, and i don’t trust them anymore. of course they can change, and i can forgive them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean i want to unite with them. and vice versa, i want positive change yes, but that doesn’t mean i want to give up my independence.

  6. Isn’t realisation spelled realization? Spell check next time you write an article this good. I like #10.

  7. i noticed a lot of people here posting probably would have a problem with people like me who smile and just seem happy all the time …I pay my bills, i do my best ,i don’t overspend,i have bad times as well as good but the bad times I don’t let’worry’ me..i keep smiling cause i know i’ve been through worse and things always resolve..worry doesn’t add anything to any situation…I’m always happy, and seeing the positive side.i won’t hang out with somebody who’s always surrounded by drama..and I see that a lot in public..I’m a regular customer in a local Diner and it seems like over 90% of thee people I overhear sitting nearby are deep into drama type of situations..many are regulars and ALWAYS talking drama issues..i carry my tablet everywhere I go so i usually put my headphones on so I don’t have to continue hearing them..i don’t mean to hear them,but most people don’t seem to care how loudly they’re speaking in public.and of course often I’m sitting right beside them at the counter.i believe trye happiness is rare today,to the degree that most people dislike others who are smiley and in a great mood most if not all the time

  8. What makes me happy right now is embracing the real me. I stopped conforming to society’s standards and the decision to shut down from negative people and if they are a family member, I limit my exposure to them. I embraced hobbies and passions that I find interesting. I became happier and learned to love myself. I was at the most productive stage of my life. My life isn’t perfect but I can truly say I’m at my happiest.

  9. spot on post <3 i recently got into poetry and freelance journalism, so pretty much writing makes me happy 😀

  10. No one or no thing can make you always happy, you have to think positive because you will find positive lives in the future.
    stay with the real live.
    accept everything came to your life.
    ‘everything gonna be fine’

  11. When serendipity happens and everything goes as planned or even better then planned. When things inspire me. When I can make others happy with my efforts. When Im surrounded by other inspired, interesting, happy people enjoying life. That’s when I’m most happy. That’s when my soul is content 🙂 🙂

  12. Good advice. Still, I do not think happiness should be a goal in itself. It is okay to be sad, it is okay not to grasp every opportunity. It is okay to be angry and complain. If this is not okay, then happiness will be a yoke/burden to carry. In these FB times it is easy to think that one ought to smile more, do more interesting things, have more friends etc. This is a lie, you are doing okay.

    1. @disqus_eZJlcoiEPZ:disqus yeah the striving for happiness seems trivial, since in a chaotic world where naturally things don’t always go to plan (at least to the individual’s expectations maybe so on the cosmic scale haha) happiness is fleeting. Therefore sadness is also fleeting and temporary. Perhaps what we’re looking for is peace. Feeling content. Not needing to add anything to the immediate experience we’re having.

  13. Yeah, this really doesn’t help me in the slightest. Avoiding toxic people has become virtually impossible seeing as how they are everywhere. Finding the non-toxic ones is what I strive for but it’s next to impossible and at this rate I’m never going to get a girlfriend. I’m 35 now and I’m still searching for my 1st.

  14. I’m sorry to say this but I think this is a rather superficial article. I know that in some cases it may be helpful to others, so in that respect I will give it that much credit. Problem is why is the seemingly self destructive (toxic) individual articulated as a shitty and exploitative person(article/comment interpretation)? For some of us, there isn’t an “on/off switch” that we can flip on, and feel happy again, and there is even lesser of a chance to being understood when being labelled as a toxic person, and being thrown out like garbage when maybe professional help should’ve been involved but a reliable support system would have been nice. Sorry, now I’m just ranting. I’ll show myself to the door, and occasionally peek back out of curiosity.

  15. I have to disagree with half of the points in this article.

    4. Fear is very real and not something imagined. It is a basic human emotion and there is nothing wrong with having this response to something unless it is very irrational and taking over your life.

    5. Having negative reactions to the negative state of the world is okay as well. Being sad or upset or hopeless is an okay response to something unless your are constantly feeling this way and it is taking over your life and causing you pain. And I’m not sure about you but I’m not sure I want to meet this person who blatantly disregards feeling any negative emotion to something negative.

    7. The past or the future. I don’t think I have to explain this one, but the past can greatly affect the present and can actually be a good indicator of what could happen next in history. Especially dealing with family, friends, yourself, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead or planning something for the future. Organization can cause much less stress than just going with the flow. With both of these you must realise that the past does not always indicate the future and planning something does not always mean it’s going to go according to plan. Just realise you’re not in control of anything but yourself and you’ll be much happier with the way some events turn out.

    9. Complaining. What can I say, sometimes a good vent/rant can be food to the soul. You can’t always keep everything bottled up inside. If you’re a constant complainer consider getting a diary and writing down the things you need to get off of your chest. There’s nothing wrong with being to let off a little steam, WE ALL DO IT.

    8. Expecting anything back in return. This whole statement just sounds vindictive. You give up expectations of receiving anything in return just so you’re not disappointed when you don’t? Well when you’re always the one giving and not receiving because people know you don’t expect anything and they tend to walk over you and take advantage, you’ll see how quickly your thoughts on this will change.


    1. Hi Fannedoolee, thanks for the rant, completely agree with some of this, especially your final statement. This article is really quite shallow. Striving for happiness is somewhat futile when ultimately I think what most people mean by finding happiness is really finding peace. Happiness is fleeting, sadness is fleeting, peace is our natural state of being.

      Fear, is an interesting one because how did we move from rational fears – like a wild hungry bear approaching us – to irrational fears like authority and politics?

      Past and future are concepts that don’t have any inherent existence but I agree they are useful in the context of planning our lifestyle in the current system of society for sure.

      Complaining is another interesting one, I see it as a way we delay the often inconvenient actions we must take to resolve an issue. Which generally isn’t constructive but agreed it has it’s uses. Generally I opt for wordless venting like the gym or going for a run.

      Statement 8 I wholely agree with, attachment to the opinions of others in the wake of our positive actions is really quite amusing. Selfless action is the path to resolving all of the human issues on the planet today. As wei wu wei so poignantly stated:

      “Why are you unhappy?
      Because 99.9 per cent
      Of everything you think,
      And of everything you do,
      Is for yourself –
      And there isn’t one.”

  16. Its been put in simple terms.You’ve laid a very good foundation here.Putting away childish things is not for everybody.I love it and thank you for the word.

  17. Im sorry for my English iam morrocan
    Islam Made me so happy
    I was not different of others, doing all thing that i taught that will make me happy but nothing just empty heart.
    one time i site down and think what will make me happy ?ah yes and i set a goal
    when i arrive in my goal i said , my happiness is not there where is my hapiness
    and i tried something else other time , finding the purpose of my life and i have say oh Allah guide me please
    now i am the happiest person ever ever ever thank you Allah
    – all this thing you said in you page we dont care at all
    we caring just about allah ,Messengers ,our self and our each other and islam and guiding people to the truth.
    i am writing this comment to your best all of you i wish to all of you converting in islam
    i swear you will be the happiest person in the word if you will be a muslim
    this is a Channel will describe to you wath is islam

    1. Thanks for your comment Amine, I think perhaps everyone interprets the same power from with different linquistic labels e.g. god, jesus, allah, nature, spirit..etc. The same feeling or sensation outside of the mind’s narrative but all using different paths, techniques or belief systems to get them there. If it has meaning to you and it makes you a better person, then that’s what works for you, go with it, but not everyone is the same.

      Thank you for reading

  18. thank you 🙂 its me…. people use to judge easily by face, gesture and body mass, as thin or fat, but they don’t know one thing, i am already skilled in self development. I love being single, it makes me peace and free and again others have different mindset, thinking one cannot live being single and i am already proved to myself 🙂 that anything is possible if we change our own mind set and beliefs. This has nothing to do by anybody else. Some just cannot live in dangerously awesomeness which gives freedom to self. Some people think me as crazy, some cold, some weak, some mystic and some just plain old person, well “that is again non of my business”…!!!

  19. Sounds to me as though you let life wash over you.

    Going with the flow even if the world isn’t going in the right direction.

    I keep away from bad influences but if the world is a bad place and I don’t fight against it then life will be bad for everyone.

    The consequences of that is that there is nothing left to enjoy in life because it has been destroyed.

  20. I just dumped all of my toxic friends. I have no friends left and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.
    Who knew those people I chose in my youth would become…..or have they always been……so toxic. I was once them, which is why I attracted them. I wish them well, but I must go on my own life with all my energy intact.

  21. i totally agree with all the above,

    thats how i live, people say why don,t you care. I say i don,t care but in a nice way i don,t care becuase i realised i don,t have buy the latest gadget or get the best house on the street or the fancy new car. I don,t care about keeping up with the jones, i see how humans have become so false in there actions and how a mobile phone has taken over there interaction with humans and friends over all. Credit card sire – let me think mmmmmmmmmmm NOOOOOOOoooo its just a piece of plastic with a silly print on it. Sure having money is good, taken credit puuffff no thanks ever heard of the keep net ?. Just like tv a mass glass panel for marketing nothing more, set up for one thing and one thing only to get your money. You have to look with better eyes than that to stay away from the toxic pool so to speak, and you know what im very happy some thing todays people have forgotten to do, ie be happy but seperate your self from tv and markets and goverments for sure they have pumped so much propaganda at you that its become too intruesive in your personal life. I see a lot of stressful people getting all wound up over silly things in the street and drivers are the worst, taking it out of the driver in front who has done nothing wrong to you except to drive, you take way to personal to drive a car, actually your very funny in your forgotten lack of self control, its so easy to do.

    i guess humans have a weakness and have not educated them selves in some free time, to say was it me or them that caused that hate, admitting to your self is the first step, its so easy people. Just be happy, do your own thing, and remember to not hurt anyone around you, in fact why don,t you try and help them to understand a little more. Negative people and manipulators and for sure there is a lot of con artists and manipulators out there in that world today, but hey i don,t care just smile and move on forward people, leave them behind to wollow in there hate and miserable out look in life.

    I see what goverments have done to most people, i decided you aint dragging me into that party, no sir. And you know what it worked, i here all the time how they wished they had listened, its well and good to listen but you have to break free and actually carry it out, to be happy. This is what business and govermetns and toxic folk prey ie your fear, that is what keeps you trapped. Fear is not real, its just feeling of emotions, let the go to the wind people.

    Stop going on emotion, it will only drag you down. Be happy and enjoy your life. ask your self this, for the last 6 monmths how and when was i truely happy with life and for me ?????, are you or are you fooling your self hoping its will be better tomorrow. Really i don,t think so, go with a smile and enjoy your life, remember yoru life….. So go out there and have lots of fun do what ever to get there, but be happy, start making lists if you wish on what you want to do, learn to stop stressing and i mean actually do it, work at let stress go. If you don,t it will consume you as a person, stress is a killer. So be like me laugh at it move on down the line, rise above it, learn some thing new to replace stress, train your self to break free from modern society its to crazy to live that world, and then if you follow that world you have so many regrets in the end, you know im right. So have you forgotten you can live on your terms and your way, too many dress the same do the same act teh same, take a good look around you. Be free and happy folks.

    toxic people and propaganda – sticking toungue out see ya no thanks not here.

    open your eyes people actually look at the people arond you and say this to your self are they happy or do they look as if they are doing all they can to avoid others and hide away, is that what you want in your life, of course its not.

    Question is – are you gonna stay in that keep net or are you for once in your life break free and move on and keep doing it.

    trust me it worked wonders for me, i finally realised what all this rubbish around me has been doing to me early on, and choose not to follow like everyone else.

    but the funny thing is more and more people are choosing to break free and actually doing it. Are you free and happy or has the goverment been feeding you bit by bit a load of propaganda rubbish and the big greedy business,s. Stop following and stop handing over your money so easily people think and think well my friends,

    I fully agree with anyone on this page and those arond the world.


  22. The worst thing is that when your friends become toxic and u keep always trying to get them back to the right bath. However, there is 80% of doubt that one day they will join you to the mess

  23. From the Happy movie three things that are concluded from it and ring true in my own life : In order to up your happiness level, 1)seek your passion 2) be gracious 3)volunteer

    1. Great list Alex! Seeking passion is something I’ve been talking about alot this week. How would you explain to someone the process of finding your passion?

    2. Great list @disqus_Ai6hhBFhu3:disqus .Seeking passion is something I’ve been talking about alot this week. How would you explain to someone the process of finding your passion?

      1. I am a writer. To be more specific a playwright with over 12 plays produced, I have musician and painter friends andwe have this thing we call soul food. Soul food is that thing (fill in the blank_____) that feeds your soul makes feel alive gives you purpose. This can be anything woodworking, mechanics, hiking you name it its your passion its your heart. This passion can change from time to time as you develop but it is usually lifelong.

  24. What do you do when you have not got a clue what makes you happy? When your happiness rests in a future that you hope to have but unable to achieve it? When your happiness is hope and expectation that someone would do what it takes to make your happiness come true? I feel that I am often wasting my days. Cant seem to be happy no matter how hard I try. Maybe I have lost perspective on life and trapped in my own thoughts. I know people say that we should be grateful for what we have, good health, shelter, family, friends, job, money and freedom to do what we want. There is only so much we can focus on this. When you look around, most people have this and the ones that do not have it, we feel sorry for them. We often get trapped in our own western world problems i.e. we complain about how awkward that dress looks on someone or why the train does not run on time, or why the train is so packed. People cannot handle such small adjustments, but in a third world country people are less bothered about these things and it does not reduce their happiness. For me, not being able to see a future and having nothing to look forward to are the biggest difficulties. Coming to terms with accepting that the person is no longer in my life is very difficult.

  25. What makes me happy is Knowing that the world is not a permanent place – this makes me forget about the things most people are fond of. Plus, not worrying who I am in the eyes of many and who I’ll be in the future.

  26. im happy im alive.
    im glad that the article reflects what i am aspiring to become.

  27. The best example of happiness to me is Goku, the character in dragonball. He is portrayed as the perfect human being and has everyquality and way of thinking that has been stated in this article. DB is honestly one of the most influential series and I guarantee that anyone who watches it gains countless life lessons and motivation to do and be better.

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  29. I try not to worry about anything. I very much agree with a saying I learned from my late wife, “Mind busy, heart happy.”

  30. Who ever is reading this testimony today should please celebrate with me and my family because it all started like a joke to some people and others said it was impossible. i am happily married with two kids and a lovely wife something terrible happen to my family along the line, i lost my job and my wife packed out of my house because i was unable to take care of her and my kids at that particular time. i manage all through five years, no wife to support me to take care of the children and there come a faithful day that i will never forget in my life i met an old friend who i explain all my difficulties to, and he took me to a spell caster and and the name of the temple is called, DR Olorun, i was assure that everything will be fine and my wife will come back to me after the wonderful work of Dr Olorun, my wife came back to me and today i am one of the richest man in my country. i advice you if you have any problem email him with this email: (olo[email protected]), and you will have the best result. take things for granted and it will be take from you. i wish you all the best.


  31. I dont mean to be too mystical but maybe the toxic person is there for a reson, namley to piss you off enough to grow ? or be assertive and tell them to get lost?

  32. Hey, there is nothing that makes or can make me happy. I AM already happy and so I
    spread my happiness all over the place. That’s how mine increases to the infinite…

  33. I live the life the way i want and accept every consequence be it good or bad with a smile on my face. I don’t give a damn about what other people think and never will (unless it’s actually important). I work just to assure my survival and don’t get stressed out over it. My father was a Toxic person and i have lived with him until i was 18, anyway i thanks him for making my head headache every single day with his super unrealistically negative world view, because with his help i managed to learn what NOT to do in life. And so i live my life happy and I’m true to my desires. (within the law’s limit)

  34. Everything except when my dad says that I Anna am mean, sick, that he’s sick due to old age, when he has said he’s here to help but when I take it to: going to the store and wanting to buy a new phone battery or something ‘otherwise simple (he’s 65)’, he doesn’t even call that ‘help’ — he only calls help like saying the telephone will work if recharged — and he always has a ‘for sure’ stance about himself, when some batteries like computers and phones otherwise get old as well; never mind that he doesn’t even ‘know’ life about anything if it’s not a book store, Amazon, Ebay, Wikipedia or Facebook. Except for instant messaging with me, he’s quit; even then he just put stuff up on ‘Mule Train’ stuff and other odd interesting ideas; he’s been sick since August if not before with the same old cough/Cold; I had Grand Mal Seizures from 13 months to 18 years, but had more reading and experience, memory, etc then, than almost all my relatives on both sides will ever have together. I felt signs of Celiac and Fibromyalgia for awhile yet they went away and was not diagnosed; I’ve been fine for over 10 years now and have moved since May, yet even mom doesn’t believe I’m all better or anything. — Fine but I can do on very little psychiatry medicine if any. The only other thing that bothers me is: when I ask a question by e-mail or something and the next thing mom or sister is to write has nothing to do with my question or category — like always!! Sometimes I have to write the same stuff over for 4 months for them to know anything. Or my sister at home the other day said: Nobody’s interested in anything I want to learn. Almost the same as what I said before; so either way, I happily asked her what; she’s over 40 and almost a voice specialist, so she would know; never told me; who knows if my spiritual chakra can build back up but they’re the ones suffering; I may be suffering a good life but I’m not suffering

  35. I don’t think the job thing is necessarily true. Some of us are lucky enough that we have jobs and careers in areas that we are passionate about. It’s okay to let your job take over your passion or vice versa. I teach adults in a correctional halfway house. I love my job! It’s makes me happy and grateful that I spend my time helping others, while teaching something I love and being around people I enjoy and it pays the bills. I’m very lucky.

  36. Thanks a lot! I really needed all of these! I have been doing nothing but be negative about all these things. Now I know. Thanks for the article and expanding on the topic.

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