4 Reasons why you should go for a run today

Go for a run. Get up and go, get out of your chair and move. These words resonate with me multiple times a week as if it were some form of mantra. I never had a love for running growing up, if anything I despised it until recent. If you are like me and the majority of your working days are desk bound, you will know the stale feeling that can build up throughout the day mentally and physically. No fresh air and maintaining supposedly the worst position for the human body, sitting.

When you fall victim to the physical and mental drain of the daily grind and woes I can recommend one medicine, a simple run. I didn’t start running because I was told to, I normally swayed to weight training in the gym. Running is intrinsically natural, primeval even, whether it was our ancestors chasing prey or running from predators, it would have been a daily activity. We lost this over time as we became kings of the food chain, sinking into the more comfortable existence we now know.

Get your heart pumping and feel how the machine that you have been given works, feel the blood pumping through your veins and your mind chatter clearing as you keep saying “No, I will run an extra kilometre.” It is a form of meditation. If you feel as though life is getting the best of you drag yourself outside and run. I prefer running outdoors as to indoors, purely because the chances of stopping when your ego starts yelling at you to give up are slimmer, if I am a few kilometres from my home then I have to keep going or it’s a long walk home. So what are the benefits of running?


1. Running makes you happier.

Running is a natural mood booster, just 30 minutes of exercise can result in a huge boost of the feel good hormones known as endocannabinoids. This is a great aid for depression, and unlike their pharmaceutical counterparts the effects will last longer. Source


2. Running can strengthen your joints, and your bones too.

Running can help you strengthen the bones in the lower half of your body especially your knees, helping you stay agile as you age. Source


3. Running will keep your mind sharp, even as you age.

Running can help you to fight off a variety of mental health related diseases especially as you age. A rapidly growing literature strongly suggests that exercise, specifically aerobic exercise, may attenuate cognitive impairment and reduce dementia risk. Source


4. Running can add years to your life.

Regular running slows the aging clock keeping you feeling and looking younger. In one study it was shown that elderly runners were found to have fewer disabilities, a longer active life and are half as likely as aging non runners to die early deaths. Source


So put on your running shoes, lace up and get moving.



  1. “Running is intrinsically natural, primeval even, whether it was our ancestors chasing prey or running from predators, it would have been a daily activity.” – Actually really funny when you think about it. Oh how times have a changed 🙂

    1. This is a reminder to myself that I need to run and be active more Kris. As you say, it is funny when you think of the core concept of running. It is intresting how we see it as a hobby or something doctors have to tell us to do in todays world and not a daily occurance like it would have been in times of past. We have food served on a plate to us and nature pushed so far away there is far less danger round the corner.

      1. I had never really thought about it until I read this article, but maybe that’s why running has never been appealing to me.. theres no real incentive (other than the obvious health reasons), there’s no real ‘fun’ in it for me. No chase, so to speak 🙂

        1. Great Article Owen i run a lot and have been for 4 years. Every distance up to 150k. It seems ridiculous to me what with the poor health of people in First world countries that this simple exercise which gives so much pleasure isn’t for everyone. We don’t have next year all we have is now and now is why we love running. The possibilities are seemingly endless and so many amazing memories are made. The ultra running communities are full of great people.

          1. Thanks! I’ve only recently started attempting to turn it into a habit, but I am looking to run longer distances in the future. “We don’t have next year all we have is now and now is why we love running.” –Love that, thanks for reading!

  2. My mantra: “Run while you still can. So when the time arrives that you can’t, you won’t regret you did when you had the chance.” Makes me grab my shoes and hit the road. Every time.

  3. Yeah! Running is the mantra for happy life. I always follow ” Run for fit”.

  4. Great article for lazy people! I know I’m too lazy. Wake up early morning and set up for running, is always like a war for me. Thanks to me sister for kicking my ass every morning! By the way, thank you man for this article.

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