5 Captivating TED talks exploring the brain

This collection of TED Talks will take you on a journey inside your brain and will leave you fascinated. These 5 videos cover how the brain is able to learn, create inventions, feel thirst and hunger, experience beauty, adapt and be self aware. Researchers at the forefront of science explain…


A map of the brain

To begin to understand how it works first we need to create a map. Using astounding visuals Allan Jones shows us how it all connects and which genes turn on tiny areas of the brain.


A look inside the brain in real time

This is an amazing concept to see in action, a form of brain scanning technology which shows brain activity in real time. Emotions, thoughts and pain for example can all be translated into visuals showcasing how we feel.


The origins of pleasure

Can our beliefs about the story behind an object sway our pleasure or disdain for an object so fundamentally? Paul Bloom beleives so and thinks it affects the way we experience it and that this belief is core to weather or not we get pleasure from it or pain. Why is it that we like an original over a forgery even if they are identical?


Growing evidence of brain plasticity

Neuroplasticity is a word becoming more and more common in recent years. The ability for our brains to constantly re-wire and adapt as we learn and change throughout life is a fascinating concept that breaks apart the old notion. From simply learning new skills to people regaining lost function, this talk helps show how we can harness the brains plasticity./p>


The quest to understand consciousness

The sense of self — consciousness — is one of the great mysteries of life and science. Every day we wake up, regaining consciousness but what is that of which we are actually regaining? Watch this video to take a glimpse into how our brains help to create this sense of self.

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