Are you living your life?

If you were to die today, would you be happy with the way you’ve been living? Are you living the life you’ve chosen or were you ushered into it by the expectations of your family or friends?

What do you personally want to achieve?
Have you been facing your fears?
What would you regret not doing with your life if today was your last?



Following the Top 5 regrets of people close to death article this video expands on the points with some brutally true statements. I rarely hear about people asking themselves these questions and without spending some personal time questioning your inner drives/passions, how will you ever know what you truly want?

[title subtitle=”what do you want to achieve and what’s holding you back? We will respond!”]so, we are asking you right now[/title]

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  1. I want to be free, to feel free. But i have to finish school first and then go to university. I don’t know how to feel free while I’m finishing my school career, I want to travel, to do things I’ve never done, to meet new people!

    1. There’s plenty of time for travel, new experiences and meeting new people Mateo. I have fond memories of school so just enjoy the ride. University is a choice though and is definitely worth researching into further.

    2. dont go to uni until your at least 25 plus. enjoy your youth and then chose what you want learn and get in debut for.

  2. The youtube list was missing a point from a better list of the same topic, which was “I wished I had made the effort to kept in contact with old friends.” I guess because that was hard to find afterwards.

    1. Perhaps Christian, although not everyone loses touch so maybe it appeals to a smaller audience. This video seems to be aiming to challenge the life paths that are heavily laid down by our society/media/education systems.

      1. I see what you mean, but the last question that asks “what would you regret not doing with your life if today was your last?” I think not keeping contact with people that were close to you would definitely apply to this. Love all the articles, keep up the good work.

  3. I want to study and not worry about where I’m going to live/what to eat while I do that. Living in London is expensive enough keeping a full time job, and I have tried to study part time (managed to get my diploma which took me 2 years) but I can’t afford to study and work to get my Masters. All I want is 3 years to study and not worry about finances!

  4. I am 29 years old, almost more than a year now I feel burn-out and without direction. 3 months ago, I resigned to my job as a software consultant, now I’m looking for a new job abroad to have a higher pay so I can save money to start a business. But still I always feel I’m not in the right track, I tried to think hard what makes me excited and just last night I remember how I’m so passionate about analyzing and investigating business financial matters. From the very I start I wanted to become an Accountant but my family convince me to take IT. I know a lot about accounting because in my previous job I implemented Accounting system and ERP system in different companies but still I’m not an Accountant. Now I’m 29 I need a job to help my family and the job I can get will also related to IT. I want to become a financial Auditor before I can achieve that I need to finish degree in Accounting or Finance first. But yeah, just like what I did when I was in college, I can study while working. It will be hard, I need to start again but I wish I can do it. The important thing now is to find a job so I will survive and then I will start to pursue my passion and achieve my dreams.

  5. I want to be as impactful musically as Lauryn Hill was, and create endleslessly. I want to make music and travel, and enjoy my young life while I can and share my tales and thoughts through song. I want to take a flight away from the US- I hope to be heard and believed in.. I’ve got absolutely no money and give up a lot on those languages I wanted to learn, and physical activities because I sometimes feel unable. But I believe deep down an opportunity and many will come. But I just pray it comes soon. I want to be in london, I want to be all over, anywhere but this US, unless it’s through music and meeting people and collaborating/beautiful moments. I want to be free.

  6. I also so badly want to meet new people and evolve, and grow. I’m just 21, but full of hope

  7. I want to release (more than a few) amazing albums…. get all my new songs out there & write even better songs… and release those w/ great art work…etc.. & then travel all over the world with them.. playing them to billions of people w/ great live shows.. & I want to see all my friends… family… & fans having a great time. 😉 I want to me people feel alive.. to smile.. to feel loved. ;).. So I can die w/ a smile on my face. Then I can die happy.

  8. Well, I’m 40 and still haven’t lived my life for me. I’ve just started to realize this. I’ve been trying or wanting to be involved in motorsports my entire life, which was my dad’s passion. Not mine. I honestly just don’t think I care about it any more. I had a great life about 8 years ago and like the other article said I didn’t appreciate it because I wanted more, or something different, or wasn’t living my life the way I pictured it should be. After a few deaths in very short span in my family, I let it all go because I realized life to short to be “Unhappy”. However, I was only unhappy because I didn’t appreciate how great it really was. Since then, I find myself living on an island where there is no real economy or jobs to be had. I’ve become broke and unemployed, and I am somewhat stuck here (financially).

    Not that where I live is horrible by any stretch, but I am alone most of the time and not not living my life day to day. I think about being on my death bed every day and what I will regret when that day comes. Should I be skiing or doing great outdoors stuff like that, but I do no have money to do it. If I did have money again, I most likely would be traveling and doing fun things. The most memorable time in my life was when I went Austin Texas. It was the people that mattered most. I don’t care for material possessions, I have had plenty of them in my life and they do not change anything.
    I have looked at returning to school. After doing a lot of searching I have found careers that would truly interest me. They all require an education. This is something I simply cannot afford. Even with student loans. I already have debt.

    The contributor to my life making me unhappy through it all is the work I have done. I have been in trades and construction. That simply is not who I am at all. I think if had found work that was more meaningful to me, I would have been able to appreciate my life much more when it was good and I was younger. However I was so focused on what made me unhappy. I could really go on here…..

    1. Hi John I know how you feel. I’m in the same boat as you, but a little further down the river. All I want to say is you can do it, so please sit yourself down and work out a plan. I don’t know what loans are available to you, but don’t give up. I have one question for you and that is how much do you want this?

      1. Yes, exactly. How bad do I want it? Or does it just seem like a good idea at the moment? If I were busy doing other things and content I probably would not ever give it thought. I’ve had too much time on my hands as of late. Honestly, If I could just work in a park setting and be outdoors, that would be enough. I dont have much financially, or family wise. Nor do I have a mortgage. I have nothing holding me back were I am. The worst part is I don’t know where to go. I have an incredible amount of freedom, I just don’t know how to harness it. If I knew what I wanted, I’d just go. Of course I cant just travel around with no money. I guess what I am saying is I do not need a 9-5 job. If there were somewhere I could work for 6 months straight like on a ranch or somewhere remote, then just take a few moths to travel, that is how I would live my life.

        I should also mention that where I live, although it is pretty, the people are well….not very open minded. It can be stifling.

    2. Ray Croc started McDonalds at the age of 52. John Pemberton invented Coca Cola at the age of 55. Harland Sanders started KFC at the age of 65. It is never too late to start.

      It takes someone to recognize their situation and pitfalls before they can tackle their most daring feat. Find your solution and be daring. Don’t let uncertainties or debt define you John! I hope to be hearing your name soon

    3. Somewhere along your way you lost track!
      Start remembering

      Feel Good,

      from an

      unknown source of hope @ gmail . com

  9. I have a wife. I have a child. I pay a mortgage. I work “9-5”, five days a week…and I can’t think how I could much happier. I think sometimes, “slowing down” may be seen as a slow march to death, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve got “Walter Mitty” friends, and I’ve lived that way a little myself, but now many of us ENJOY our new priorities.

    1. Ray Croc started McDonalds at the age of 52. John Pemberton invented Coca Cola at the age of 55. Harland Sanders started KFC at the age of 65. It is never too late to start.

      It takes someone to recognize their situation and pitfalls before they can tackle their most daring feat. Find your solution and be daring. Don’t let uncertainties or debt define you Tim! I hope to be hearing your name soon

      1. I have no aspiration to create a fast food or fizzy drink empire. I aim to be the best father and husband I can be. I aim to be the best teacher I can be. I aim to be positive force in this world. Uncertainties and debt DO NOT define me. My point is, happiness for me is not about accomplishment and self-indulgence. I follow MY passion. My passion is being a husband, father and teacher…not creating an empire or being a self-interested nomad.

        1. I apologize, that was meant for John below. I’m glad you have found in your pursuit to happiness!

  10. Who is the unbelievable angry and bitter guy narrating this video who thinks that swearing every other word makes a more impactful statement? Who believes that having a family with kids sucks the fun and excitement out of life? Watching this guy complain and moan sucks the inspiration and positive meaning from these 5 dying wishes as soon as he opens his mouth. It’s amazing that nothing he says is about helping others or to try and make other peoples lives better…it’s all about the individual and having fun. Good luck to anyone who has that as their blueprint to living a meaningful and happy life. At first glance, this looked like a very interesting and positive site but after watching this tirade I won’t be back to waste a minute of my life listening to this angry bitter dude who clearly lacks self confidence.

  11. i’ve watched the video and it makes some good points relatable but contrary to what you might belive what happens if you can’t relate to anything if not just 1 thing do tell LIVELearnEvolve ?

  12. I want to attend a 5 year course of biosynthesis. What’s holding me back is the luck of faith on it. I am not yet convinced that it is right for me to invest 5 yrs and enough money if not sure about the outcome yet.

  13. “They start fucking multiple girls and not getting married” I’m 100% supportive of people waking up to their soul potential HOWEVER, the statement above is nothing short of disturbing. There is nothing empowering about degrading women and if this has anything to do with this mans vision of how to ‘help’ others than I want nothing to do with it. Talk about taking a few steps backwards …

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