Samuel Austin

In-Shadow: A Modern Odyssey

Embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of the West, and with courage face the Shadow. From Shadow into Light, by Lubomir Arsov Story a...

Dancing With The Melody of Being

Way deep down, on a wonderfully subtle level, there's this way of communicating that's really powerful. It's kind of like music, like rhythmic and yet it's sile...

What is Reality? by Alan Watts

The following is an excerpt from the book "The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are" by Alan Watts exploring incredible wordplay for the ultimate ques...

Samuel Austin


I'm creating this platform to facilitate a wiser, more enlightened and self-aware civilisation. Always keen to connect with the like-minded and discuss how novel it is to be alive on this organic rock floating through infinite space. Connect on FacebookInstagram