Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie

Consciousness Mechanics is a thoroughly deep exploration of direct experience. It is neutral information mechanically describing the basics of human experience. What story you believe is behind it, albeit positive or negative, is your imaginary story you create for yourself, as a personal reflection of your chosen belief systems and thought processes. The information provided is just a meaningless reflection you give meaning, based upon how you choose to feel about the symbolic mirror that is the information. Nothing is intended to ruffle the feathers of one’s religious or spiritual outlook—it’s just talking about light, space, time, etc.

Consciousness mechanics means just that—the mechanics of consciousness. Just as quantum mechanics serves to explain the behavior of quanta, consciousness mechanics serves to explain the mechanical behavior of consciousness. Consciousness mechanics is about expounding the nature of existence and the basic structure of reality, by expounding the way consciousness experiences itself. Consciousness mechanics serves as one perspective, one purview, one vantage point that delves into the relationship between existence and the general human experience.

Here’s an overview of the topics discussed so you can get an idea before jumping in to the two hour journey:

Introduction – 00:00:53
The Experience of Time – 00:03:10
Parallel Universes – 00:09:45
Reality’s Change Rate – 00:17:44
Fields of Activity – 00:24:25
States of Consciousness – 00:30:00
A Reality of Symbols – 00:37:25
The Mirror Principle – 00:42:35
The Nature of Infinity – 00:48:06
The Spacetime Illusion – 00:52:50
The Herenow Reality – 00:56:26
Existence and Nonexistence – 01:00:11
Axioms of Change – 01:06:11
The Law of Probability – 01:08:55
Continuous Discontinuity – 01:12:10
Dimensional Mirrors – 01:16:30
Trichotomies of Experience – 01:18:35
The Observing Ego – 01:27:35
Interconnectivity – 01:31:41
Cole’s Paradox – 01:34:30
Universality – 01:37:22

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