Dancing With The Melody of Being

This is a playful piece of writing on the importance of bringing the heart and mind into equilibrium with each other.

Way deep down, on a wonderfully subtle level, there’s this way of communicating that’s really powerful. It’s kind of like music, like rhythmic and yet it’s silent. It’s most clear in conversations when speaking with a close friend, where you find yourself hopping between what you’re saying and how you actually feel to find a clearer path to accurately expressing yourself.

That hopping seems to be from the mind to the heart and back. In a musical metaphor the spoken words could be seen as the melody or the notes we play, and in the silence between the words, the interval of space where we drop into the felt experience and translate it verbally.

Some people seem to be super innately aware of this, and they’re the kind of people we celebrate. Whether it’s musicians, artists, poets, actors or writers. Where some writers appear to really resonate with you, while others, even if they were to use the exact same words, appear really mediocre. Whether someone is just regurgitating or mimicking some wise statement, or it’s actually embodied wordplay that speaks from their direct understanding.

So it’s not just on the orientation towards the heart but also a sharpening of the mind to translate it.  To masterfully combine the two in communication is exactly like playing music. Harmony is in the interplay.


Embodying the Harmony

Today I just had a realisation of how superbly powerful this is. It’s a kind of the fundamental communication that we’re all involved with consciously or not. Only the more conscious of it you are the more you begin to dance with this internal guiding mystery that rewards you through alignment, but also seems to prescribe suffering when you ignore the call. And the more you ignore it, the more it influences your inner dialogue and suddenly you may find yourself derailed and hyper-aware of the fact that your life has been glaringly tumbling down a path that doesn’t really resonate with you.

So this is important because the more we attune ourselves to this silent substrata that allures the heart into play, the more clarity there is in where you want to go. It anchors you into the body. And so you act out of that, to embody (be the expression of) your truth.  It’s a dance that dissolves any boundaries on the way you express the essence of your being. And this is fundamentally I think, what we mean by happiness.

A rhythmic composition between heart and mind.

It’s simply, being what you are.


The Alternative

The alternative, appears to be a level of neuroticism. A life internally battling with how you wish to be and how you actually act in the world. That’s not a dance of any grace. It’s a samsara of attempts to find the right song to dance to whilst subtlety overlooking the rhythm you’re really looking for, that of your own heartbeat.

See there’s an increasing emergence of spiritual teachers/guides running workshops and courses all over the place and as well-meaning as they are, the real secret is that this isn’t about anyone in particular. It’s about you and your experience and your internal melody. You are the teacher. You are the guru. You are the student. In that, only you could know what resonates with you, only you can hear that internal melody and so full responsibility is on you to listen and articulate with humility your innate, natural rhythm.

A Fire of Self Discovery

No doubt this all sounds very straightforward. Perhaps easy. In reality, however, what this rhythm is fundamentally, is a call to assume absolute responsibility for your life and well-being, without compromises. To be with the harmony is a function of listening that requires absolute attention and honesty with your self.  The courage to come face to face with the inner landscape, which has no shortage of self-doubt, deception and immorality. Recognising the depths of self-deception is an uncomfortable endeavour for anyone. But this is the path of self-discovery and the courage to play does not go unrewarded.

Expressing what is true to you, will undoubtedly cause debate and objections with other people and that’s exactly what you want because we’ve all been conditioned to some degree, inheriting ideas and biases from the past. So it’s a price worth paying. Fear in the face of confrontation is understandable but you should be much more afraid of not saying what you think because that’s the same as not being, there’s no substance to you.

Imagine the transformation after years of openly expressing your mode of being and adjusting your views in accordance with what resonates in the face of new information. An honest expression is vitalising, in Joseph Campbell’s words “The influence of a vital person vitalises.” Its really one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Anyway, it’s such a relief to put into words this insanely subtle, but enormously powerful way of dancing with life. Everyone gets it on some level. It’s just that some are more attuned to this and it’s often only obvious in deliberate communication; not just idle chit-chat.

So listen to your rhythm and anchor into the state of being acutely aware of what resonates with your core. That’s the intimacy, the intuition, the inspiration, the inchoate calling from within that’s sought by all and it’s right here, always, waiting for you to join, in this dance with the melody of being.

Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Have you got any insights on how you dance with intuition?
I’m so glad I have the opportunity to share this on the site and really the only reason I’m posting this is because I’m so interested in the conversation.





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