David Attenborough Urgently Calls Humanity to Listen Now in New Climate Documentary

Climate Change: The Facts.
Watch the New Documentary Online Here.

Sitting down to a David Attenborough documentary used to be the physical equivalent of a warm blanket. An opportunity to bathe in inspiring narratives that painted our screens with the majestic nature of our Planet and the animal kingdom. But it seems those days are over.

Following the recent Netflix release Our Planet that gracefully balanced stunning visual compositions with Attenborough’s story of Human activity degrading practically everything is yet another stern call to action — Climate Change: The Facts.

The greatest threat to Humanity in thousands of years.

Within the first half of the documentary Attenborough states that climate change is genuinely “our greatest threat in thousands of years”. Countless experts explain the scientific facts as the film displays powerful amateur footage of the natural catastrophes that took place over the last 12 months. From Australia’s recent heat wave wiping out one-third of the Bat species to Trump calling climate change “a hoax … a money-making industry”.

The documentary warns convincingly that whilst the Planet will be fine, Humanity is facing the end of civilisation if it does not unite to tackle climate change. It might just be the opportunity we need to collectively re-orient ourselves from the egoic to the ecoic.

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