Documentary: The Secrets of Sexual Alchemy

Weaved through Tibetan Buddhism, the Hindu vedas of India, the Hebrew Bible, Norse myths, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and essentially every religious theosophy, is the ancient teachings of harnessing control of our sexual energy. This is known to many as kundalini energy ,and it’s through consciously balancing this essential life force within us that the secrets of Alchemy are unveiled.

That rather than the transformation of physical matter into gold the real initiates of this practice explored the transmutation of carnal desire (lead) into chaste willpower (gold), creating the inner ‘Fountain of Youth’ that leads one back into the Garden of Eden (enlightenment).

This documentary unveils profound symbolic knowledge behind the ancient teachings of sex and alchemy, but it’s also heavily bias towards the way in which sexual energy is restrained. There’s a key here, it’s not abstention of sex but the aversion of unconscious orgasms. I don’t agree with it all and resonate far more with the taoist approach of cultivating sexual energy.

The taoist taught how couples will have a far deeper and more fulfilling sex when men learn the art of orgasm without ejaculating too. We’ll save that for another article.

What did you think of this alchemy documentary?

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