Ah, there your are

I know why you’re here.

I don’t know how you got here. But I know you’re looking for something.

There is a veil that has been pulled over our eyes to blind us from the truth. Only a few will recognise this, and those few are being called forward.

Into a radical transformation of consciousness.

Here we unravel that veil together.

Welcome to Live Learn Evolve

Home for the truth seekers. We curate the wisdom and secret teachings of all ages from the World’s greatest seers and sages.

Consider this website a digital portal. Full of doorways to esoteric teachings.

All the doorways eventually lead to same place, but everyone’s path takes a different route home.

This is the rabbit hole. Just how far this rabbit hole goes is down to you.

What you’ll find here

Here you’ll find a digital inventory of articles, videos, experiments, tools and guides that will expand your mind and offer practical wisdom that you can integrate into daily life. From meditation and reality hacking to psychedelics and alchemy – this website explores all aspects of the esoteric teachings.

Here’s 5 posts to get you started

The 7 Secret Teachings of Ancient Alchemy
40 Most Enlightening Spiritual Films
— A Physicist’s Guide to Hacking Reality
What is Spiritual Enlightenment? A Guide to Nowhere
The 4-7-8-Breath: An Ancient Breathing Technique for Anxiety

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Thanks for being here

Many people are lost in today’s world of infinite distractions.

I hope this website can be a sanctuary in the storm, a resource for you as you dive into the novelty and unravel the profound teachings this life has to offer.

Samuel Austin — Founder of Live Learn Evolve

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Hello Human

Welcome to Live Learn Evolve.

A digital inventory of profound wisdom to help you navigate Planet Earth.

We ask the big questions and aim to drive the conversation vital to establishing a more conscious humanity.