God is in Your Neurons: Fascinating exploration of the Mind

Developments in neuroscience and sociology from the past decades have shed light on many aspects of human psychology that are only now beginning to be discussed in the fields of ‘self-help’ and self-development. While there is a lot of popular literature on the subject from authors that range from popular life coaches such as Tony Robbins to spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield and others – Chiren saw a huge lack of material that takes a purely scientific approach. ‘God is in The Neurons‘ makes important correlations about mirror neurons, neuroplasticity, memory, social dynamics, evolution, altruism and identity.

  1. Oh, I must say I just lost a huge trust to LiveLearnEvolve!

    Until today I were thinking that the articles on this site were very well-picked, carefully filtered by trustworthiness, reliability of resources and “credits” of autors/producers. Accidentially I had seen this video before, which is a part of longer video from 2011 and it’s producer is a very normal youtube celebrity known for junk videos (for non-gamers!) anyway no science autor or sth, who has no idea about the fields spoken in the full doc “Athene’s Theory Of Everything”. This semi-documentary has got a lot of views only because it has a good production, which means with best usage of graphics, narration, text and music, an overwhelming communication has been resultet, but the information and ideas which are being publicized are only a summary of producer’s superficial short researches into those subjects which have been “sewn” together as a powerful scientific work (which are individually facts but not as in such context), for this there are a couple of short reviews on this video by experts from the same year…)

    Since the livelearnevolve.com is being directed by mostly creative designers and media experts, I hope that they be more careful about the content of “beautiful” materials they put on this page.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Rosh,

      Thanks for the message, appreciate your comments here. Upon watching the video and reviewing the source links in the video description a lot of the information resonated with me so it made sense to share it with the community. Apart from being a shallow overview of the Neuroscience field’s discoveries in these areas is there any specific parts of the video that you feel are untrue or might misguide people?

      Let me know your thoughts!

      1. Hi Sam,

        As I already said, the single parts and statements in this video are perhaps individually scientific facts (as the source of some of them are mentioned in the texts) I didn’t criticized the correctness of one or two assertions, but the reason of such video being shared at the top of the page of this community is the exciting visual production of it not the substantial value of the whole statement. I mean, a semi-boring clip of a speech by a real neuroscientist would not easily be up in this community, even if s/he were publishing the very recent results of his/her team’s researches in this field… but this video from 2011 does get the chance to be propagated regardless of its genuineness. If you watch the full-length video which i mentioned above, from which this 22 minutes has been cut off, any amateur science freak would find out that those facts from neurons to quantum world and astrophysics are not solid and barely in a reasonable relation, even if (again) they’re singularly true. And the last but not least the title, “God is in Your Neurons…” which is probably chosen by a theist, who are a confused minority in the science world, who can not believe that this complexity in the nature and universe doesn’t desperately need a “God”… (but it’s not an issue here!)

        My Suggestion: let’s try that the shared material have substantial values besides visual

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