Documentary: How Big Oil Conquered The World

How Big Oil Conquered The World  is an investigative documentary that exposes the story of corruption, greed and treachery that lies behind the oil industry and how these elite rich have monopolised the banking system, the pharmaceuticals industry and the very seeds of life itself.
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This is the story of our modern world. Our daily lives rely almost entirely on the use of oil. From our electronics and plastic bags right through to beauty products and the clothes we are wearing. It’s arguably the most important strategic commodity in the world economy, and the story behind the control of this resource is mind-blowing.  

It’s little known that the quest to conquer and maintain this Billion dollar industry catalysed the growth of some shady areas of our civilisation including war, eugenics, the decline in educational practices, the death of the electric cars and the suppression of natural medicine. 

As Corbett notes at the end of the documentary:

“The takeover of education, of medicine, of the monetary system, of the food supply itself, showed that the aim was much greater than a mere oil monopoly: it was the quest to monopolize all aspects of life, to erect the perfect system of control over every aspect of society, every sector from which any threat of competition to their power could emerge … But the oiligarchs are not done yet. 

Their next project, launched in the late 20th century, is almost too ambitious to be comprehended … It is about the monopolization of life itself. They have spent decades preparing the path for this takeover and marshaled their mind-boggling resources in service of the task. And the vast majority of the world’s population, still playing the shell game that the oiligarchs perfected and abandoned long ago, are about to fall right into their hands yet again.”

— The Corbett Report

This is all just the tip of the iceberg and filmmaker Corbett goes into a more of a psychological exposure of the drive towards absolute power in the sequel to this documentary ‘Why Big Oil Conquered the World‘, which explores the evidence behind an agenda to assume complete control over every resource on planet earth.

But if you have watched this documentary, you are now that one person in a thousand. The question is, “What are you going to do with this information?”

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