How to be a Millionaire Without Having Much Money

Sometimes I wake up, sweating, and I feel a dark fear around my heart. What if that money doesn’t come in to pay the next month rent? The anxiety is followed by shame.

A distant voice from the past slaps me in the face with the fact that I don’t own a house or have much savings. A man of my age must have made his wins in our Western society. He should be on the “safe” side. Own assets that work for him after working to achieve those assets.

To make things worse, I just started a new career, as an artist.

Are you kidding me?

That’s how the voice cynically pokes me. I know this reality check isn’t helping me at all, it is a very bad start of the day.

Until I open my bedroom door and walk onto the balcony on the front side of the villa, take the 180 degrees panoramic sea view in while stretching my arms towards the blue sky. I greet my 6 wild cats and walk around the house naked since there is nobody around. I live in a natural park in Ibiza and am not a millionaire.

Living in Ibiza — Photo: Lucien Lecarm

I do have some millionaire friends. One of them told me recently that I am really a millionaire. Since I seem to have time for everything, do genuinely what I like, live a very healthy life, travel the world and am surrounded by beautiful souls.

Rewind. How did I do this?

The secret is in my life’s motto.

I only do what gives me joy, follow my flow as much as possible, I do work hard and I trust life’s abundance fully.

This is the part where I could ask you to subscribe to my free Ebook “The Seven Steps For Becoming A Millionaire Without Money”. But it is only half of the story.

It was pain and letting go that brought me here.

As much as my positive mindset helped me, it was how I dealt with the severe losses in my life. How transforming my pain into bringing beauty to the world saved my ass and made me see what really counts in life.

I needed to do the work, as everybody does.

Let me show you how it is possible to be a millionaire without much money. To live your dream by letting go, find your unique purpose by stepping outside the box.

Letting go

The hardest part of moving to Ibiza was letting go of friends and family. The second hardest part was letting go of my complete career. Everything I had built up in Holland for 20 years.

I was dead scared and pissed my pants when I walked on the stage of my own festival and announced that next year would be the last edition. I had told nobody in advance. I just announced the end of my career in the Netherlands. Age; 44.

I was in Ibiza the week before and had fallen in love with the island Immediately.

I was about to leave everything, my network, my reputation, my two rented houses and fancy coupe Cabrio car. I was ready to let my success go for a new adventure on an Island that I had visited only once.

The funny thing is that it wasn’t a midlife crisis.

I had built my arts management career by following my life’s motto. I enjoyed every part of it. I worked hard, wrote all those project proposals, had years of little to none income, followed my passion.

Then the breakthrough came.

I believe when you show up continuously and believe in yourself there will be always breakthroughs. I met the Queen of Holland with one of my projects and made it to national TV.

I was rocking it. And still, I left.

I had no idea how to make money in Ibiza, but I had a dream. I wanted to write a novel.

The amount of growth you will experience in your life depends on how much uncertainty you can handle

It wasn’t all fireworks and bubbles in the beginning, not at all. I realized I needed to start a new career while at the same time letting go of the old one with all that I had accumulated.

But that was nothing compared to letting go of my family.

In my first 4 years on Ibiza my father died and two years later my sister. I needed to take many flights back and forth to be there for them. Until our final goodbye.

I had found paradise but was crying and mourning inside.

View from my villa

The pain of family dying, of letting go of a former life, taught me to be humble. I was still alive. It brought me immense gratitude for every-single-day.

The process of letting go strips you naked in front of your destiny

It shows you what you really need.

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When you are able to truly let go of what does not serve you anymore, freedom awaits you just around the corner of your true dream. All you need to do is to follow the breadcrumbs of what gives you joy.

Writing always came naturally to me. I gave my mother a poetry bundle when I was 8 years old.

I was getting ready to write my novel.

How experiencing the present moment is the key

The letting go lesson taught me this. Life had stripped me from all the unnecessities. I lost all that I cared for and was left with the one thing that has the most value to each and every one of us: Life itself.

The present moment.

What does staying in the present moment actually means?

It means how you deal with your old conditioning. The voice in your head that comes from your culture, that tells you to make those 8 hours a day, to find security, to build up a pension. The voice that tells you that there is a lack of time and money and makes your heart contract in a daily race to accumulate more in competition with others.

My new friends in Ibiza truly helped me to experience that present moment more and more. To face those voices in my head just listen to them and connect to a deeper trust.

Life has already brought me to a millionaires lifestyle without having much money, what would be next?

I developed a sincere curiosity to live itself. Instead of planning a week ahead, I started getting a lot of joy in the synchronicity taking me by surprise.

In that silence, honouring of the moment I took up my pen and started working on realizing my dream.

I wrote my debut novel in 3 months. It took me another 1,5 years to self publish it. I did it. I showed up every morning, often at 5 AM, and wrote my 2000 words. Every-single-morning.

How to let go of old conditioning?

To let go of your conditioning is much harder than letting go of material stuff. Since it is part of our culture, our consensus, what our parents and teachers told us. I can be deeply ingrained in our subconsciousness.

To let go of your conditioning, you need to first become aware of it.

When you live inside the matrix and you are not aware of it, you will have your own daily challenges and rewards and setbacks. Nothing wrong with that. The matrix gives security, a pension, a life that rolls out pretty much the way you would expect it. You can chase as much as success as you like. You fit in.

The moment you get aware that you are actually living inside a matrix, everything might change for you.

Especially when you start questioning everything. That is the start of letting go. Sometimes referred to as awakening.

In Holland, I questioned myself every day if this was it! The life that I really wanted. Even in the midst of the opportunities, nice girlfriends, ski holidays and being busy, self-employed and socially successful, I asked myself that question.

The answer always was, deep inside, that there was more to explore. It was the genie in the bottle that came out when I discovered Ibiza.

The decision to follow my deeper dream made me high and at the same time, I felt I bungy-jumped into the deepest canyon of uncertainty. Without having a safety rope.

When you feel the same when you consider giving up that job that gives you the security you thought you need, ending that relationship that you held on to because of fear of being alone, re-assessing what success really means, you are on the right track.

You will have your own rhythm, your own bandwidth of capacity to let go. Realize this: there is no true letting go without doing that Bungy jump.

When I sit on my balcony watching another stunning sunset I am flooded with gratitude. For this place, my friends, this life and even my pain.

Pain and letting go have brought me here.

The process of transformation is unique for each and everyone of us. I learned, however, that there are certain steps that the book of life teaches us about self realization.

One of the main chapters is about letting go. Sometimes life forces you to let go, sometimes you can decide yourself. Letting go can hurt like hell.

Too many people hold on to money fiercely as if it is the holy grail to fulfillment. This comes from conditioning. Our culture and system throw us in competition with each other over scarce money. This makes us feel there is never enough.

We think we need money to survive but in reality the universe always will have your back

Money brings security and safety. But why make it the goal of your life? It comes and goes, like the waves, I am watching right now beyond the cliff.

Let go of what you don’t need, be generous, become aware of the matrix and your conditioning, become clear about your purpose and embrace your deepest dream. Life will show you where to go next.

Written by Lucien Lecarme

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Lucien is a writer, blogger and creative content creator. He lives in front of a wonderful magnetic rock in Ibiza where he organizes retreats. He loves Hiking and dancing tango and has 6 wild cats that he feeds every day. His novel “The Wisdom Keeper” got published and Lucien loves to write, learn and grow as a human and writer every single day.

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