How to Find Psychedelic Therapists and Retreat Centers

We’ve created this guide for you to better navigate the emerging psychedelic medicine movement and safely explore the World of nature’s gifts.

Therapists and Organisations
Psychedelic Retreat Centres
Clinical Research Trials
Finding a Psychedelic Community or Group

Therapists & organizations

Finding a practitioner with psychedelic experience

If you are in a city or medically progressive area it’s likely psychedelic integration specialists are operating nearby. Directory pages are one way of searching for professionals:

Psychedelic Retreat Centers

When attending a psychedelic therapy event or retreat, it is important to ensure that the hosting organization’s reputation is in good standing and comes recommended by former participants and adjacent communities. Be sure to do adequate research in order to ensure a safe and optimal experience.[1]


Rythmia — Rythmia is a medically licensed plant medicine retreat centre in Costa Rica. This centre is the only place Live Learn Evolve lists currently as we’ve visited the centre twice. We highly recommend this centre.


Synthesis — Synthesis is a medically supervised and legal psilocybin retreat centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Costa Rica Yoga Spa — An Iboga plant medicine retreat in Costa Rica.

Find Clinical Research Trials

Psychedelic research trials in clinical trials as treatment for various conditions are available in many regions. Use the following links and resources for learning about clinical trials around the World:

Find Psychedelic Groups and Meetups

If you are looking for a supportive community to better integrate your experiences, or you simply continue to be fascinated by their utility and potential, it’s wise to find a group of informed and like-minded individuals to share with. Explore the following resources to find psychedelic groups:

Some benefits of joining a psychedelic group include:

  • Sharing insights and experiences that may help better integrate your journeys.
  • Sharing literature and research on psychedelic medicine and therapy
  • Making friends with related psychedelic interests such as consciousness, sciences, spirituality, metaphysics, etc
  • Learning safe techniques and exploring plans for effective psychedelic sessions
  • Discovering the many creative and professional interests that overlap with psychedelia, and exploring them together

Online and offline Psychedelic support groups should not be confused with a professional therapy setting. Due dilligence is advised when interacting with these groups.

I hope you found this resource useful. Please contact us to share any relevant links and knowledge you feel is appropriate here.

  1. Statement on MycoMeditations. (2018, October 24). Psychedelics Today. Retrieved from

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