This is a two part article exploring the requirement for collaboration in the evolution of consciousness. Part 2 will be released tomorrow.

It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. — Charles Darwin

There is no problem that looms as large as one’s own problem, be it even a minor one. So when things get rough it is sometimes helpful to get back to basics to put everything back into perspective. To get back to basics one has to ask the bigger questions and try to see a greater purpose than those of the systems that constrain us in our everyday lives.

In the end we are are all figments of our own imagination. We imagine our own realities, and this is mine at the moment.

It is hard to always honour the intention, but recently I have been trying to remember to consider a more philosophical viewpoint as I proceed: that which most of us at this time perceive as most concrete is only spindrift in the winds of time.

I have been trying to remember that the constant is not the material, but consciousness.

I believe that, in its most fundamental form, consciousness accedes to only one law: it is drawn towards potential. All the patterns we observe, and those we will observe, are simply a reflection of the potential that is bound by consciousness as it draws towards itself. Indeed the very matrix in which we exist: the Solar system and the planets, even as they were forming, were a result of consciousness drawing towards potential. Optimists call this the Logos (the principle of divine reason and creative order). We glimpse this from time to time and call it the divine plan or something similar, and see ourselves as a tiny part of a roller-coaster ride over which we have no control. Yet we are the very essence of that divinity: the point of the present expression of consciousness as it evolves within the human matrix.

So, I try to remember that at the core is consciousness. This is what we are the current most sublime expression of. It is unfortunate that we cannot just know this, and be imbued with the knowledge, without having to discover it first. Imagine a world where our motivating influences flowed from this simple knowledge: our primary effort would be to perfectly integrate advances to best facilitate the expression and evolution of consciousness.

The coarse sledgehammer science, and the philosophy of logic of our age, in all its pride and materialism is so easily perverted to misuse and error and, though we yearn for truth, we continuously seem to mistake knowledge for wisdom. The universe pulses to certain frequencies and the tides of influence come and go, sometimes in crisis and sometimes in harmony. Within our human experience we inevitably perceive our own time as a time of risk and urgency for the Logos, but in reality it is our own task of evolving consciousness within the human orbit that concerns us and stimulates us to effort. Perhaps it is a time of crisis within the human realm of the Logos, but then it must also be a time of great energy and excitement. We are human, and we bend to a task which harries us.

Imagine the possibilities for a species attuned to the Logos, a beautiful artistic refined civilisation, growing and spreading, without greed or waste or pollution or ugliness or excess around the globe, with subtle technologies flowing from evolving consciousness to the purpose of evolving consciousness, technologies which we may never develop in our brutal time, in place for the express purpose of refining the human mind…, and social structures formed around the love of communication and the excitement of expanding the boundaries of the mind…, a society based on collaboration rather than competition…, a species impelled by true purpose.

So what is true purpose? If we can accept that everything exists in the spirit first, and in this form is at its most binding, most immutable, then all potential flows from this ultimate reality to the more transient states of energy and matter as we perceive and manipulate them. If we then realise that the spirit is, consciousness, and that our minds are a current expression of just that, and we hold central, to any task, the knowledge that we exist only to enable consciousness to draw toward its own potential, then we are working, in any field, toward true purpose. Yes, we are able to exercise personal choice, but imagine if more choices were deliberated upon from the perspective of the task: evolving consciousness to enable it to move toward potential.

One could argue that to serve the Logos is the ultimate selfish act, for in so doing one is serving consciousness, the very mind that defines our most immutable aspect.

But the mind-logos is never in error. Rapid evolution, as we know it, through fits and starts, is chaotic.

Any evolution occurs in jumps and plateaus. In a perfect universe, where all energy and matter were evenly distributed by the big bang in a perfect expanding sphere, where every iota was evenly spaced and moving ever outward at an even velocity, there would be no potential at all for consciousness. It is the imperfections that we see in the universe around us: the galaxies, gas nebula, solar systems, the stars and planets: these visible, tangible, chaotic, anomalies in our universe, that are the very ground in which consciousness can exist. The errors in the totality are the seats of awareness – if awareness is to be anything more complex than the simple unconscious beating of a universal heart. Inevitably though, where there is error and imperfection, there is also going to be trouble and strife. All things struggle for equilibrium…, gravitational fields find accommodations with velocities of celestial bodies, radiation is moderated by atmospheric gasses, organisms form opposing dynamics and symbiotic partnerships, energy and excitement ensue, and consciousness prepares the ground that will host the almost limitlessly varying aspects of its mind…, but, as we now know, perfection is not the optimum state for the expression of consciousness. The mind needs stimulus. Life is generated before perfect equilibrium is attained, and chaos and uncertainty foster the evolution of the hosts of separate awareness.


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Etienne Muller lives with his family in the South West corner of Ireland overlooking the ocean. Winters In this remote spot are windswept and lonely, allowing the time for introspection, thought and creativity. In summertime there is an explosion of visitors, many of whom are in Ireland searching for something a little magical, and the family art gallery (he and his family are all artists) becomes a venue for all manor of interesting, creative and inspiring people. Etienne has one addiction: he can’t stop building sea kayaks – he tries to keep it down to one kayak per year – and every now and then he wonders if he really deserves the privileged life he leads.