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This is the Humantra press page with all the information for the launch of the Indiegogo campaign.
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9 July 2016
Kent, United Kingdom (WEB)

Humantra, Suffering-Free Clothing that Opens The Doors To Compassionate Fashion

Conscious consumers who wished there were more ethical alternatives to high street fashion will now have their wishes granted with Humantra. The new lifestyle brand that promotes positive and meaningful messages on their clothing and encourages positive social change by supporting organizations that are alleviating human suffering within the fashion industry. To support its development they turn to popular crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo.

The brand was founded by the creatives behind Live Learn Evolve – Sam Austin, Owen Fisher and Matthew Jongbloet when they became aware of the devastating effects of the fast fashion industry and couldn’t find any suitable ethical alternatives.

This led them to ask the question, “What if we could design sweat-shop free clothing that reflected our shared humanity whilst improving working conditions in the global garment industry?” and the idea for Humantra was born. “The brand is so named because we see the clothing as a physical mantra for humanity to realise it’s interconnection with all beings, leading them to act with compassion and respect” Sam Austin explained.

garment_worker_fact_true_costFrom an ethical perspective, over 36 million people live in modern slavery today, many of which are working for the major Western fashion brands (1). Garment workers are paid very little without being able to cover their basic cost of living (2). The minimum wages in Cambodia and China need to be double in order to cover the basic cost of living (3). From an environmental perspective, the waste generated by ‘fast fashion’ culture is devastating. Something has to change because the current way in which fashion is made, sold, and discarded is unsustainable.

Humantra presents the solution, producing 100% sweatshop-free, organic, ethical clothing with meaningful messages. Moreover, the company donates 10% of all profits to the organizations that are fighting human suffering in the fashion industry. As Matthew Jongbloet explains “At Humantra we believe that the exploitation of people and the environment has to be stopped. Workers should be paid a wage that enables them to live in dignity. This campaign is our way of combating the negative effects of the fashion industry and we’re giving 10% of all profits to Clean Clothes Campaign. We have spent a lot of time ensuring our products can trace
Humantra_indiegogo_headeran ethical and sustainable path back to their origins. If you are a person who values people over profit, you’re in the right place.”Humantra’s designs promote positive and meaningful messages on topics such as the connection to the planet, to other human beings and to the universe that reflect a wide range of thoughts, emotions and experience that are close to the hearts of many. For USA & Canada the clothes are made from 100% USDA Certified Organic and pesticide-free cotton. For UK and Europe the clothes are organically and ethically made, but crucially, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power in India.

Now, the company is launching a promising crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo looking to raise $5,000 to support its development. Backers can benefit from early-bird prices and enjoy large discounts. Perks range from $2 to $240 depending on each supporter’s budget. Furthermore, backers can show their support by sharing the campaign with their Social Media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

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