Indigenous Tribal Man Desperately Asks the Modern World to Connect Back With Nature

“What people need is more love and to understand each other.” ~Nixawaka Yawanawa

Nixiwaka Yawanawá is from the Amazonian Yawanawá tribe. Like many other Amazonian tribes they rely on the rainforest for their subsistence, and the land holds a very deep spiritual significance.

Nixiwaka asks us to consider why a way of life that is designed to be entirely in tune with its environment and resources is being destroyed by a way of life that isn’t.

Right now, their land is being illegally invaded and projects like dams, roads, mining and agriculture are destroying their way of life.

“We live because we have the forest…forest means life…forest means our body”

Indigenous people are all over Brazil are speaking out against these changes and fighting for their right to live on their ancestral lands in peace.

This is true masculinity – heart, soul and compassion.

Learn more about Nixiwaka’s work at Survival International.

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