Look Up – Are you missing out on life?

This is a must watch video using spoken word by Gary Turk, urging people to look up from our smartphones and technology and to engage with the life right in front of us. I think in today’s society we all spend far too much time staring into screens of one form or another, myself included. The gigantic social networks built up around us have helped us all to connect so easily no matter where in the world we are. There is a negative side to this though as we are sometimes falsifying the reality of socialising and perhaps even missing out on life in the process, as depicted in The Innovation of Loneliness.

Looking up and being present can sometimes even catch us by surprise as we sit on public transport or walk down the street only to wonder where the past 20 minutes just went and that we nearly missed our stop. It can be an amazing thing to capture a memory or share one with the world, but we need to be careful not to miss the many opportunities that make memories in the first place.

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