PLANETARY: The Documentary that shows us Everything is Connected

A thoughtful documentary from the Planetary Collective aims to shift our view by reminding us that we’re all interconnected

Directed by Guy Reid, this documentary mixes stunning cinematography and powerful interviews with astronauts, philosophers and spiritual leaders. It was created by a group called the Planetary Collective known previously for The Overview Effect a 2012 short film exploring the transcendental shift in perspective described by many astronauts after viewing our planet from outer space.

Planetary is a poetic and humbling reminder that it’s time to shift our perspective. Planetary asks us to rethink who we really are, to reconsider our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world around us — to remember that: we are Planetary.”

Planetary trailer on Vimeo

Overall the production aligns with ‘Baraka‘ and ‘Samsara‘ esque films that populate a growing niche of powerful spiritual movies that seem to shift the audience’s perspective to a collective view of humanity.

Planetary is available on Vimeo on Demand now for $0.99. According to the film-makers, this marks the first time Vimeo has ever partnered to help release a film theatrically in addition to on its on-demand platform.

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