The Real You – Alan Watts

Who are you? Yes, you! You are a fantastically complex human being; you are the universe at work. You never had any lessons on how to breathe or beat your heart yet you do, what you do is what the whole universe is doing in what you call the here and now. You are something the whole universe is doing, in the same way, a wave is something the whole ocean is doing. An amazing lecture by Alan Watts a British philosopher, writer, and speaker. One of my all time favorite go-to videos when I need a pick me up. Do you ever contemplate your existence, life and death?

Try to imagine what it will be like to go to sleep and never wake up… now try to imagine what it was like to wake up having never gone to sleep.

Think about that, you can not experience ‘nothing’ so why should we be scared of the experience we can not have? Think about waking up having never gone to sleep, that was when you were born. The real you is not a puppet in which life pushes around, the real you is the whole universe!


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