Terence Mckenna on the Unspeakable Experience of Beauty

Quite honestly one of the most profound short speeches I’ve ever come across. Terence Mckenna delivers an empowering perspective that encourages us to anchor into our immediate experience and take full responsibility of our state of consciousness. Inspiring the use of psychedelics as a way of experiencing directly the source of love, inspiration, art and wisdom through a visual medium that transcends any traditionally linear fashion of spiritual and religious teaching. A much-needed message for our times, please share this far and wide
If you are unfamiliar with Terence Mckenna I highly recommend any of his lectures on YouTube but more specifically the documentary The Transcendental Object at the End of Time free on YouTube covers his incredibly varied pontifications on life.

“We need a feeling of unity. It doesn’t come out of intellectual exhortation. It comes out of a personal act of courage made by the individual. An act of courage which involves Surrender. Surrender is the opposite side of the coin of Ego. The central issue of our times is the inability to surrender to what we KNOW is right. We have the ability to feed the hungry, we have the ability to educate our children, to clean up our environment, to eliminate sexism, to eliminate racism. The question is: CAN WE CHANGE OUR MINDS FAST ENOUGH?” – Terence Mckenna

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