The Real Reason DMT & Psychedelics are Banned

What’s going on here is a fundamental abuse of human rights. We must be free to make decisions over our own consciousness. Always with the provisor that we do no harm to others.

Any government, any state agency, that attempts to limit our freedom over our own consciousness, is itself an agency of darkness and control.

Graham Hancock on Psychedelics

An essential argument for the sovereignty of humans to experiment with the visionary plants that alter our perceptions and have for millenia been used as sacred medicines.

Graham Hancock is a British journalist, psychedelic pioneer and best-selling author of multiple books on ancient civilisations. He is an expert in exposing the dogmatic beliefs of modern archaeology with profound scientific evidence of alternate history, forcing our historians to re-write our history books in the interest of truth.

Learn more about Graham in his banned ted talk here and lectures on ancient psychedelic use.

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