The Real Virus: A Culture That Diminishes Nature

What was my grandmother or grandfather doing in 2021?

That’s the question that the children of the future will ask.

In amongst all this chaos it’s becoming hauntingly obvious that the cultural systems we’ve inherited have grown dysfunctional.

They no longer supporting life, the people, or nature. The system is actually fuelled by the expense of nature, inefficiently wasting away the environment and the tearing up of Earth to syndicate profits. And so if it’s not in balance with nature, and it’s not sustainable, and it’s not restorative, or regenerative — then it’s anti-life.

Culture is the cult. Currently, it’s a cult of death. One that we must find the humility to accept our participation in and take up the responsibility to abandon. Along with all the value systems we inherited with it; racism, sexism, classism.

This is the real virus – fear.

Our cultural operating system is corrupted with fear.

A corruption that seems to stem from our severed relationship to nature.
We have betrayed the native.
The indigenous wisdom.
Our ancestors.
And with it – we abandoned ourselves.

And for what?

A few decades of hedonistic domestication. The allure of shiny objects, the superficial fleeting moments of instant gratification. This materialistic malarkey is nauseating. It numbs the soul. It has led us to the brink of catastrophe. The ship is sinking.

So where do we go from here?
What do we do?

We have to abandon the culture and return to the deeper wisdom of the body in connection with the natural World. To the authentic values that lay inherent in the hearts of every human being. Simultaneously, we can divorce from any shame that may relate to past personal actions or ancestral activity. It’s not yours to bear, but what is yours is the free will and responsibility to act from here. Not just for our own survival but for the generations of children that’ll inherit this Earth after us. Those that’ll look back at this time and wonder, what was my grandmother or grandfather doing in 2020

It’s a moral imperative to re-connect with nature. If you’re reading this, then you are likely the audience that this most resonates with. The one’s who know we can do better.

Surrender to the transformation, trust your intuition, your nature and know that in stepping up to this unapologetic authenticity, you are breaking the programming, and igniting the pathway to a new world. What other path is worth treading?

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