How Linklater’s Waking Life Movie asks One of the Deepest Questions

— How do you know you’re not dreaming?

A man shuffles through a psychedelic dream landscape meeting various people and discussing the meaning of the universe and the profundity of being.

It goes down so many rabbit holes on the future of humanity and the nature of being that you can easily lose track of the philosophical whirlwind.

The unusual rotoscoped animation puts the whole film in a hypnotic flux. Just like a dream. This is really why Waking Life is brilliant. It’s an ontological test of attention, where the narrative is designed to see if you can perceptually follow it all the way down. Down to face the overbearing ontological evidence that what we’re experiencing right now is fundamentally indifferent to a lucid dream.

So we really can’t be sure if we’re waking, in life.

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