What Would You Do If Money Didn’t Matter?

What If Money Was No Object? How would you really like to spend your time? This awesome video featuring the words of Alan Watts encourages us to search and focus on what we really want to do and spend time doing it regardless of money. It’s so easy for us to drift automatically from one chapter to the next, following the pre planned routes that society paves and promotes for us without searching for meaning within our lives or spending our time how we want.


We don’t all have the luxury to forget about money, bills and just forever go chasing our desires and passions. But I think the powerful message behind this video is that we should not lose sight of what we truly want to do. It is far too easy to get sidetracked with all the distractions of modern society and social pressures and succumb to dogma.

  1. I am right in the middle of trying to do this. It is not easy to combine what I want to do with the obstacles and bullshit I tell myself. Our culture tells me “get your ass back in line, get a job and buy some shit you don’t need and pay your bill, get old and die; or at least that’s what I was taught. We raise our children how we were raised.It’s not to late though, Fear be damned.

  2. So, I am 68 years old and have been doing what I was chosen to do for the Air Force, fixing and programming computers. I paid all right, but never tugged my heart strings. Now retired, I am asking the question what would make me happy. But what I really like to do is to discuss with others questions about what are we really here on Earth. How can we fill our heart and still live fully, nor rich, but not poor. Seems like awfully late in life to ask this question…

  3. A very true video. We all have different desires and goals in life. We must achieve what we yearn for. Life’s too short to stay stuck at one place. Do something sooo big and challenging in your life for a short duration of 4-5 years that money keeps flowing to you for your entire lifetime! Then do whatever you feel like doing without bothering about money! That’s what I believe in! And I regularly meet people who have achieved this honoured position in their life. Their energy and aura is just brilliant! I’m on the same path.
    It’s high time thay you realise how beautiful this life actually is, and how everything in this world is achievable! So do something before you are ready to do it!
    I love helping people who love to help themselves, so feel free to contact me on [email protected]

  4. Half a year ago this post inspired me to make that
    exact change in my life. The hardest part wasn’t thinking about the change but
    actually bringing myself to make the change. There were days I wish I was a kid
    again and never has to grow up. No
    expectations, no judgement – not a worry in the world. Then, before I knew it I
    was soon entering “the real world” where society would determine my success and
    it did – for a while. After school I convinced myself that work experience was
    what I needed to get somewhere in this world. I needed to gain experience in as
    many fields as possible so I could be a versatile candidate for future career
    opportunities. I do not regret any of the decisions I made – especially the
    last job opportunity I took because it lead me to this site. After gaining
    office administration experience I was offered a position at a trucking company
    that will remain anonymous throughout this post. At first, I was thrilled about
    the job because of the pay cheques associated with it. I never made that kind
    of money before, not even from all the years of serving and bar tending. During
    the honeymoon phase (at least that’s what I like to call it) I thought this was
    it – this was my calling. I had planned to move up in the company as they had
    development opportunities and solid benefits. It said that great things don’t
    come easy, and that is what I kept telling myself when I began to work
    countless hours of overtime on a salary contract. Over time, I started to get
    taken advantage of – management knew I was a hard worker and never thought for
    a second that over working me would make me quit – but it did. I got to a point
    where I realized all the compliments they gave me and the opportunities they
    spoke about were all talk. They said those things to keep me so they would look
    good. If they had a hardworking team that made their locations successful that
    meant they were successful. I never had passion for the job or the industry. I
    was simply driven by the wrong motive – money. I am very grateful to have figured
    out the important things in life at such a young age because life has an expiry
    date – we just don’t know when ours is. Once I realized that I did some soul
    searching online and stumbled upon LIVE LEARN EVOLVE and that is where I found
    the inspiration to take control of my life because it’s happening now. What’s
    the point unless you enjoy it – right?

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