Why Meditate? Buddhist who has meditated for 40 years explains.

Why Meditate? Steve Pearl has been meditating for over 40 years since he became a Buddhist in the 70’s in Dharamsala, India.

As a child of the 60’s Steve was active in the counter-culture movement in Palo Alto, CA. Bitten by the wanderlust bug, he found a loophole little-known loophole and managed to dodge the draft when he moved to Europe with his mother and brother from Veracruz, Mexico on a frigate ship.

He and his brother Andy, drove a red VW van across the former Yugoslavia, a pre-revolutionary Iran, and Afghanistan where they bartered the van for six horses. They made their way to India through Pakistan on these horses with a band of friends. He almost died on a mountain pass along the way.

He worked on a pirate ship in Ibiza back when it was still a small fishing hamlet. He even made and sold sandals on the Spanish Steps in Rome.

He first came in contact with Buddhism in Dharamsala, India and was a Buddhist monk for well over a decade. He was also a pilot doing aerial photography.

Steve is currently retired and has chronicled the adventures of his youth in a book called From Kalamazoo to Kathmandu.Getting-started-with-meditation_guideLearn more about Meditation:
5 Tips for Getting Started with Meditation

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